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#1 Penn State sweeps #16 Kentucky

Sorry for getting this posted now. I couldn't leave Mackey between games, and Mackey doesn't have internet access for non-press people.

Going into this game, I didn't think Kentucky had a chance. However, they bullied the Nittany Lions in the first two sets, and could have won each set. But, Kentucky ended up beating themselves up, committing 6 attack errors in the 1st set, and 11 in the 2nd set (leading them to a negative hitting percentage). They lost the 2nd set 25-21. Throughout the whole game, Kentucky never reached 0.100 in hitting, and finished the match at 0.40 with 25 hitting errors.

Though Penn State did struggle in the first 2 sets, especially in the 2nd set where they hit only 0.087, they managed to just out play Kentucky. They ripped the Wildcats open in the 3rd set, however, and hit over 0.500 and won it 25-12.

Ariel Scott finished with 11 kills, while Katie Slay finished with a solo block and 4 assisted blocks. Megan Courtney and Nia Grant both finished hitting over 0.400 and Micha Hancock finished with 28 assists.

If the Nittany Lions play the same way they did in the 3rd set, they'll easily win the Elite 8 game tomorrow against Minnesota (who just beat Purdue 3-1). However, if they play the same way they did in the first 2 sets, the Gophers will have a chance. I'll bring a post game summary after the Elite 8 game tomorrow.