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Purdue Women Regroup Without Houser

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Purdue Women's Basketball team picked up two wins in their first week without guard KK Houser.


It would've been understandable if Purdue(17-7) struggled last week as they had just lost guard KK Houser for the season; instead the team overcame the adversity in front of them like they have done so many times before and got two victories. Thursday the team beat Ohio State 74-58. Sunday afternoon they held off Michigan for another win, 65-56.

Against the Buckeyes Dee Dee Williams started in Houser's place. For most of the first half Purdue and Ohio State traded baskets and the lead. It wasn't until 8:10 that Purdue got the lead for good. Purdue ended the half up 33-24. The Boilers grew their lead through the second half with free throws hitting all 20 they shot.

Courtney Moses finished the game with 18 points. Liza Clemons added 14 to go with 9 rebounds. April Wilson had 12 as did Whitney Bays. Dee Dee Williams finished with 12.  It was a good overall performance from the Boilers they only had 10 turnovers.

Moses wore 22 for the game instead of 15 to honor KK. She'll continue to wear it through the end of the season.

Sunday, Michigan started the game strong and controlled most of the first half stretching their lead to 14 twice. Purdue improved their play as the game went on and finished the first half on a 14-2. The score stood at 29-27 at the half. Michigan hung onto the lead for a little while but a Dee Dee Williams three with 13:03 left gave Purdue a one point lead. Purdue kept the lead til the finish but it wasn't easy. Michigan cut Purdue's lead to one with 5:19 left. The margin stood at 51-50 until Ashley Morrissette hit a three with 1:42 left. April Wilson struck next increasing the margin to six. Purdue then closed the game out hitting eight consecutive free throws.

Whitney Bays continued putting up big numbers off the bench finishing with a double-double 18 and 10. April Wilson had 14 and Camille Redmon put up 10 to go with 8 rebounds. Purdue finished the game with only 6 turnovers

With four games left Purdue is 5th in the conference with a 7-5 record. Things slow down for the Boilers as they close the season. Their only game this week is on Sunday against Iowa. Iowa is 6-4 in conference. On Thursday they knocked off No. 9 Penn State.

Purdue moved up to No. 23 this week.