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Purdue ICONS

VIDEO: Purdue President Mitch Daniels Joins Hammer & Rails For Zoom Interview!

Purdue’s leader is optimistic about resuming classes in West Lafayette!

Purdue ICONS #1: Drew Brees

The Purdue ICONS series culiminates with the #1 selection, quarterback Drew Brees. Yes, I am aware I have a total man crush and I am okay with it.

Purdue ICONS #2: John Wooden

The greatest coach in the history of college basketball was a Boilermaker.

Purdue ICONS #3: Bob Griese

Bob Griese may be Purdue's best all-around athlete ever.

Purdue ICONS #4: Rick Mount

One of the greatest legends of basketball in Indiana, rick mount still endures today.

Purdue ICONS #5: Glenn Robinson

The Big Dog was a dominant force during the 1993-94 season.

Purdue ICONS #6: Gene Keady

Gene Keady is Purdue's all-time winningest basketball coach and one of the few men to edge Bobby Knight in his career overall record.

Purdue ICONS #7: Rod Woodson

Rod Woodson is one of the greatest defensive backs to ever play the game of football.

Purdue ICONS #8: Mike Alstott

Mike Alstott is simply one of the greatest fullbacks in college football history.

Purdue ICONS #9: Leroy Keyes

Leroy Keyes is possibly the greatest football player in 125 of Purdue football.

Purdue ICONS #10: Joe Barry Carroll

One of Purdue's all-time great, Joe Barry Carroll has an unfortunate wrap of being a draft bust.

Purdue ICONS #11: David Boudia

6-time National Champion David Boudia is one of the most decorated athletes in Purdue history.

Purdue ICONS #12: Len Dawson

The Father of the Cradle of Quarterbacks was Purdue's first Super Bowl MVP.

Purdue ICONS #13: Stephanie White

Stephanie White is probably the most famous women's basketball player in Purdue history.

Purdue ICONS #14: JaJuan Johnson

JaJuan Johnson heads to the NBA after a memorable Purdue career.

Purdue ICONS #15: Ray Ewry

10-time gold medalist Ray Ewry still rates highly as a Purdue ICON even 100 years after his athletic feats.

Purdue ICONS #16: Ward "Piggy" Lambert

Purdue's legendary Ward "Piggy" Lambert still ranks as one of the most successful coaches in Big Ten history.

Purdue ICONS #17: Katie Douglas

Women's Basketball player Katie Douglas was selected as the #17 ICON in Purdue history

Purdue ICONS #18: Terry Dischinger

Terry Dischinger had a record breaking career in West Lafayette and solid pro career.

Purdue ICONS #19: Joe Tiller

Joe Tiller is Purdue's all-time winningest football coach, and a legend in West Lafayette.

Purdue ICONS #20: Brian Cardinal

Citizen Pain is enjoying a front row seat for the NBA playoffs, and making a cool million to do so.

Purdue ICONS #21: Mark Herrmann

Purdue's Mark Herrmann set national records as a Purdue quarterback and earned him a place in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Purdue ICONS #22: E`Twaun Moore

Smooge comes in at #22 as a Purdue ICON

Purdue ICONS #23: Otis Armstrong

Otis Armstrong might be the greatest running back in Purdue football history.

Purdue ICONS #24: Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is having a solid pro career, but at Purdue he was an ICON

Purdue ICONS #25: Ukari Figgs

Ukari Figgs finished her career as one of Purdue's most memorable women's basketball players.

Purdue ICONS: 39-26

The Purdue ICONS lists moves to the edge of the top 25

Purdue ICONS: #50-40

The countdown of the top Purdue sports personalities all-time continues.

Purdue ICONS: The Others Receiving Votes

Here are the Purdue ICONS that received votes, but did not make it into the top 50.


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