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Top 25 Preseason Poll: Purdue's Schedule

Obviously, Purdue didn't receive a single vote, but many of its opponents did.

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In the most shocking new you will read all day, Purdue did not make it to the Top 25 Preseason Coaches Poll, let alone receive any votes. It's just as shocking as the fact that sun rose in the east in this morning. The only good news, since teams ineligible for post-season games are not included in the poll, is that we can at least say we're ranked higher than Penn State.

Too soon?

A couple of Purdue's opponents did make to the Top 25 poll, however:

#8 Michigan State
#14 Wisconsin
#17 Notre Dame
#22 Nebraska

In addition, 6 of the 8 B1G teams Purdue plays this year received votes. Outside of the Top 25 listed above include:

Iowa (49 votes)
Minnesota (6 votes)
Northwestern (5 votes)

Other B1G teams in the poll and that received votes include:

#6 Ohio State
Michigan (53 votes)

There you have it. 7 of Purdue's 12 opponents are currently getting votes. 4 B1G teams sitting in the Top 25, with 2 more just outside, and 2 more teams getting a couple looks at least. Not surprising, as any B1G team not receiving votes currently have 100/1 odds or lower (higher?) at winning the Big Ten Conference.