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Profiles in Badassery

Purdue Basketball Broadcaster Larry Clisby Passes Away

Purdue basketball has lost its voice.

Profiles in Badassery: Al G. Wright

Purdue bands lost a loooooooooong time director and supporter this week at age 104.

Profiles in Badassery: William Miller

It’s family.

Featured Fanshot

Profiles in Badassery: Harvey Wiley

We haven't had one of these in a while, but the subject of the latest Dollop has a strong Purdue connection.

Profiles In Badassery: Dr. Katie Bouman

The scientist behind yesterday’s image of a black hole has a Purdue connection, and rightfully deserves an honorary Profile.

Profiles in Badassery: Tyler Trent

Well done, Tyler.

Tyler Trent Reportedly Passes Away

Give it up to Tyler, who has fought the good fight and finished the race.

Profiles in Badassery: Joe Gilliam

The former Purdue linebacker passed away from cancer today.

Profiles in Badassery: Joe McConnell

The iconic Purdue football broadcaster passed away earlier today at age 79

Profiles in Badassery: Michael Morrison

One of Purdue’s great professors, Dr. Morrison, passed away at the age of 68.

Profiles in Badassery: Gene Cernan Passes

Both of Purdue’s moonwalkers have now passed away.

Profiles In Badassery: Rick Knabb

Last week as Hurricane Matthew battered the southeastern United States, a Purdue graduate led the way in keeping many citizens safe

Profiles in Badassery: Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson got his start by pushing the Big Bass Drum, but his career connects from the first marching band formation in 1907 until today.

Profiles in Badassery: Andy Zimmerman

One of our own here at H&R passed away last weekend.

Profiles In Badassery: Broxton Davis

Purdue basketball manager Broxton Davis is a cancer ass-kicker.

45 Years After One Small Step

45 years ago today Neil Armstrong went for a small stroll.

Profiles In Badassery: Guy Gruters

Gruters, who earned a Master's degree from Purdue, spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton.

Profiles In Badassery: Andrew Boldt

Senior TA Andrew Boldt was the victim of today's shooting at Purdue.

Profiles In Badassery: Lauren Sesselmann

Guest poster Eric Gittleman did the legwork to catch up with Olympic Medalist, Film and Video Actress, Heartthrob, and Boilermaker Lauren Sesselmann.

Profiles In Badassery: Karl Schoen

One of the first flying Aces for the U.S. in World War I was a Boilermaker.

Profiles In Badassery: Robert Newell

The Father of Spring Break was a Boilermaker.

Profiles In Badassery: Paul Spotts Emrick

The modern college marching band has its very roots at Purdue with a long-time director.

Profiles In Badassery: Elmer Bruhn

Elmer Bruhn is pretty much the father of the Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Profiles In Badassery: James Carter

A football All-American that helped with the Manhattan project in his spare time? Of course he was a Boilermaker!

Profiles In Badassery: Brad Miller

Brad Miller finished a lengthy NBA career last night, but before that, he was a Boiler.

Profiles In Badassery: Stephen Bechtel, Jr.

Stephen Bechtel, Jr. is a distinguished Eagle Scout. he is also a Boilermaker.

Profiles In Badassery: Raymond Dillon

Profiles In Badassery: Raymond Dillon

Profiles in Badassery: Roger Blalock

Being a Boilermaker means performing to the best of your ability to help make this world a better place. As we remember the life of former Purdue Senior Associate Athletic Director, Roger Blalock, we learn from his life how be a true Boilermaker.

Profiles In Badassery: Don Thompson

Don Thompson recently became the head of one of the largest companies in the world. are you surprised he's a Boilermaker?

A Personal Thank You To Greentown Animal Clinic

A Personal Thank You To Greentown Animal Clinic

Profiles In Badassery: Janice Voss

The Purdue astronaut family lost a member earlier this week.

Profiles In Badassery: Our Football Seniors

Thank you, Purdue football seniors


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