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Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #25: The Cocaine Pirates

Before the NCAA Tournament starts, let’s get weird.

Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #24: World Team Tennis

A professional tennis league that plays all over the world? Why not!

Off the Tracks Podcast: w/ Rapheal Davis!

Casey skype’s down with Rapheal Davis to talk the current team, the best player he’s played with, and his new podcast!

Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #23: The 2021 NCAA Tournament

The 2021 NCAA Tournament is going to be a weird one, so T-Mill and Paul talked about it.

Hammer and Rails Chats With New Radio Announcer Bobby “Buckets” Riddell

One of the new voices of Purdue basketball sits down with Casey to discuss the role.

Purdue vs. Northwestern Preview: This Time in Podcast Form!

The preview is back, but this time in podcast form with Inside NU’s Eli Karp.

Off The Tracks Podcast: 2020-2021 Basketball Thoughts, Fast Food Burgers

All that and more!

Let’s Get Weird Sports #22: Montreal Baseball

It’s time to talk about the strangest franchise in Major League Baseball.

Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #21: The Soviet Union National Baseball Team

Because baseball is as Russian as borscht and vodka.

Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #20: The Swayzee 9 Overtime Game

In March of 1964 Swayzee and Liberty Center kept playing... and playing... and playing...

Off the Tracks Podcast: Interview With Joey Burton “The Shot Doctor”

Drew and Casey talk about off-season improvement and putting in work with The Shot Doctor himself.

VIDEO: Interview With Former Boilermaker and Officer Danny Anthrop!

The ex-Purdue wide receiver discusses life as a police officer.

Off the Tracks Podcast- Nojel’s Transfer, the Painter Interview, and MORE!

VIDEO: Interview With Former Boilermaker Vincent Edwards!

Edwards talks about a wide range of topics during interview.

Let’s Get Weird Episode 19: One-Way Football at Wrigley

One day in the somewhat near future Purdue may experience football at Wrigley Field.

Quarantined & Rails Podcast #2: NFL Draft & More

Holmes, Ledman, T-Mill, and Juan talk about the NFL Draft and more.

Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #18: Empty Stadium Baseball

With all the talk of baseball in empty stadiums let’s look at when it actually happened.

Let’s Get Weird: Dock Ellis

Ever wonder what it is like to pitch while tripping balls?

Quarantined & Rails Podcast: EVERYTHING IS CANCELED!

Hammerin’ Ales Football Podcast #15: 2019 Postmortem

Hammerin’ Ales Football Podcast #14: Back from Injury & Managing Expectations

Hammerin’ Ales Football Podcast #13: Reno Woes

Let’s Get Weird, Sports Podcast #14: A Little Football and Hack Wilson

Hammerin’ Ales Football Pod #12: Quick Fall Preview

LGWS Podcast #13: The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics

LGWS Podcast #12: Moses Fleetwood Walker and Cap Anson

H&R BBall Pod #3: Reactions to Carsen Being Selected in NBA Draft

H&R Basketball Pod #2: Early Summer Updates

LGWS Podcast #11: The Indy 500

LGWS Podcast #10: Albert Berg, Purdue’s First Football Head Coach

Hammerin’ Ales Football Podcast #11: Spring Game Recap and Recruiting Update

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