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Hammerin’ Ales Podcast #10: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

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NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Saturday sucked.

And then Louisville fired Petrino, and openly said they were going to go after Brohm, so that sucked too.

So let’s talk about about feelings about this weekend on our latest podcast. Don’t worry, this is a safe space. No Louisville fans welcomed here.

In our 10th edition of the podcast, Juan, Travis, and Holmes (a rare sighting) discuss the horrendous game at Minneapolis this weekend, and of course, address the elephant in the room: will Brohm stay or go to Louisville at the end of the season? We also sprinkle in some questions we got from our new Instagram account, as well as discussing Purdue’s upcoming game against Wisconsin. We hope you listen in.

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