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H&R Podcast #27: Football is Fun!

What is this...optimism...we’re feeling?

Ohio v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After going months without a podcast, we record and release two within the span on one week. Weird things start to happen when we feel positive about Purdue sports.

In this podcast, Travis and I talk about Purdue’s Friday night win against Ohio and our upcoming road game against Missouri. Can Purdue take advantage of a reeling Mizzou team and get its first non-con road game win since 2007?

We also talk about our legitimate optimism around Purdue football and the fact that Purdue *could* go bowling this year (pending Saturday’s game against Missouri). We also discuss how Purdue football should claim two national championships. They may have occurred before 1950, but damn it we should claim them anyways!

So listen in and enjoy!