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H&R Podcast #21: Brohm Squad, Basketball, and Biggie

After a hiatus because some people are just too lazy (I mean “busy”) to edit the podcasts, we’re finally back!

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Wisconsin v Purdue
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Guess who’s back. Back again. *The H&R Podcast* is back. Tell a friend.

We’ve taken some time away from our podcast the last few weeks with the holidays, as well as my own busy schedule leaving little to no time to record and edit pods (I was also kind of lazy too). But we’re back and ready to discuss some basketball! Swanigan continues to dominate and Purdue sits at the top of the conference. We also talk a little bit about Jeff Brohm’s hiring at Purdue since the last time we recorded a podcast, it was before the Bucket Game....oops.

Anyways, we hope you listen in an enjoy our latest podcast!

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