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H&R Podcast #20: Football Season Ending, Coaching Search, and Cancun Challenge Preview

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Wisconsin v Purdue
A live look at our podcast audience.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In perhaps our last podcast for the football season (though we’ll probably have one when Purdue names their new head football coach), we take a quick look at the upcoming Bucket game against Indiana, which we’re not too optimistic about. We also discuss a little bit of the Wisconsin game, but mainly talk about potential football coaches for Purdue.

We then shift our attention to Purdue’s closer than expected win against Georgia State and how Purdue might do against Utah State in the Cancun Challenge this week. In addition, we obviously discuss the potential of playing Ronnie Johnson if Purdue were to face Auburn in the 2nd game of this tournament.

The cold open is a much more water-downed version of what we actually recorded. It probably set the tone for the rest of the podcast, and you can probably hear my frustration whenever I talked. Again, maybe one day we’ll release the raw and unedited audio recordings of these podcasts, but it is not this day.

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