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Matt Painter Thanks Taipei for Hosting PurdUeSA

Coach Painter showed his gratitude towards the people of Taipei for being wonderful hosts this summer.

Leaders Sport Performance Summit Day Two Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Leaders

After Purdue earned the silver medal in the Summer Universiade, PurdUeSA head coach, Matt Painter, took the time to thank the people of Taipei for being wonderful hosts during the team’s trip overseas. I’ve placed the text of his letter below, along with the original, which was tweeted out yesterday. The team is currently returning to the United States.

I’ve also include some pictures from the Purdue Men’s Basketball twitter account below Painter’s message. I know the team didn’t get the ultimate result they wanted, but they represented our school and our country well.


On behalf of the Purdue University and USA Men’s Basketball team, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thankfulness to everyone associated with the 29th Summer Universiade held in your world-class city during the last two weeks. Your efforts, hard work during very long hours, attention to detail, but most importantly, your friendliness, made our time in Taipei one of the most-rewarding experiences many of us, including myself, have ever experienced.

You treated every visitor and athlete that visited your great city with a tremendous amount of respect, while taking pride in everything you did. It was an incredible experience for our team. We will remember this trip for a long time, and the bond we created with your great city.


Matt Painter
Team USA Men’s Basketball Coach