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Purdue vs Canada Game 1: How to Watch and Gamethread

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Update #3: The game is now live on YouTube with the Cliz on play-by-play! Watch here:

Update #2: Our friends at Boiled Sports are streaming the game from the stands.  You can watch it at that link. Purdue Basketball also got a periscope up on their twitter page:

UPDATE: We may have to wait a little bit for the steam. It looks like Carmel High School has quite the firewall:

Since the game is being shown on Facebook Live through Purdue Athletics, we will embed the video above once available so you can watch it here. If we're told to shut it down, we'll provide the link to the Facebook Live stream on the Purdue Athletics Facebook page..

Starters for tonight's game are PJ Thompson, Carsen Edwards, Dakota Mathias, Vincent Edwards, and Isaac Haas.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Purdue Basketball. In August. Two days in a row.

What a day.

This will also serve as the game thread, so have fun. There are reports that various Purdue recruits will be in the crowd tonight as well. Looking at some of the early images, it looks to be a good crowd.

Boiler Up and Beat Canada!