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#14 Purdue 98, Lipscomb 66

Tommy Luce surpasses his career high in points in a game, helping Purdue win another game.

NCAA Basketball: Battle 4 Atlantis-Arizona vs Purdue Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into this game, we knew that Lipscomb would test Purdue. Despite Purdue opening up with a 10-2 lead, Lipscomb would not bow down and made their first 6 3-pointers, staying right next to the Boilers throughout most of the 1st half. Thankfully, Purdue was able to hit most of their shots in the first half, led by Carsen Edwards’ 11 points, and never let Lipscomb take a lead (though they did tie the game a few times).

Purdue came out of halftime with a 5 point lead and never looked back. Lipscomb started to falter towards the end of the first half, and could not find their rhythm in the 2nd half as Purdue’s lead quickly ballooned into the double digits. As Lipscomb’s perimeter shooting cooled off, Purdue was able to feed the post and focus on getting the easy 2-point baskets and getting the Bisons into foul trouble. Even though they made a small run to cut Purdue’s lead to 10, the Bisons just faded away in the 2nd half.

Best way I can describe Lipscomb tonight is with my post-game tweet:

And now for some Fast Break Points:

  • Vincent Edwards led Purdue with 23 points and 15 rebounds. He was a bad man tonight, hitting contested 3 point shots well beyond the arc and creating many opportunities for Purdue.
  • Carsen Edwards started the game hot and finished with 18 points. Mathias also finished with 15 points.
  • Matthews of Lipscomb was giving Purdue trouble all night, and finished with 25 points. He went 7-12 in the first half, but Purdue was able to shut him down in the 2nd half, only hitting 1 of his 8 FG attempts. Rose was able to support him with 13 points, but no other Bisons hit double digits.
  • Purdue’s first half defense was atrocious. As mentioned earlier, Lipscomb was able to hit their first 6 3-pointers. Some of those had a few lucky bounces, but the Bisons were able to get open and hit easy shots as well. Purdue’s defense looked lost, and the Paint Crew members almost had to take down the “Defense Lives Here” sign, as defense was still on winter break. Luckily, defense returned in the 2nd half, as the Bisons only made 8 FGs in the 2nd half and committed 10 turnovers.
  • Haas played angry in the 2nd half, it was great, and he finished with 19 points and 7 rebounds. I think it was because a Lipscomb player tried to bounce the ball off his ass while stuck on the basket. Never do that against Haas.
  • The refs made some interesting calls in the 2nd half. The only called 4 fouls against Purdue in the 1st half, but 12 in the 2nd half. Some of the arm-bars called against PJ and Cline were obvious, but the back-to-back calls against Mathias (just to name a few) were questionable.
  • Purdue remains undefeated this season not only when Tommy Luce plays, but scores a basket. He set a new career high with four points, and had two amazing baskets as the game ended. TOMMY LUCE IS THE BEST POINT GUARD IN PURDUE HISTORY. FIGHT ME.
  • Outside of Luce’s baskets, my favorite play in this game had to be from Nojel Eastern. After a knocking the ball back in-bounds and running into the tunnel from his momentum, Eastern ran back onto the court and stole the ball out of the hands of the unsuspecting Lipscomb player, getting the easy basket. I absolutely loved it and it needed to be mentioned.