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B1Ggie Player of the Week

Swanigan earns his 4th B1G Honor this season

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Swanigan had an “average” week against Ohio State and #13 Wisconsin, and still earned conference honors this week:

  • Season average: 18.3 ppg / 12.9 rpg
  • vs Ohio State: 16 points / 11 rebounds
  • vs #13 Wisconsin: 18 points / 13 rebounds

When the best player on your team has an “average” performance against 2 tough opponents and remains the best player in the conference, you know you have something special. Heck, one could even say Biggie had a slightly off week with 8 turnovers against Wisconsin (he had 6 TOs total in B1G games until yesterday).

It has been mentioned by us, other Purdue sites, and B1G/National media that Swanigan is clearly one of the most improved players in the country, let alone the conference. At this rate, he is clearly the front-runner for conference player of the year and deserves to be a finalist for National Player of the Year.

This is Swanigan’s 4th B1G Player of the Week award, and at this rate, he clearly has a shot at beating the record of 7 Player of the Week awards: