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Purdue at 60/1 Odds to Win National Title

Start placing your bets!

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

With the dust settling from players withdrawing from the NBA Draft and most recruiting classes being set, we can start going crazy trying to predict how this upcoming basketball season will go, even though the first tip is still just over 5 months away.

And in a tradition unlike any other, we can always count on Vegas to give us a first glimpse in what to expect this upcoming season (not counting ESPN and CBS's way-to-early Top 25 + 1 and what-nots). According to, Purdue currently has 60/1 odds to win the national title. Of course, it is still early, and these odds will probably fluctuate a little between now and the season tip, but it's still interesting to look at.

I personally am no expert in this stuff, but I assume 60/1 odds aren't bad? Sadly, those odds increase if Purdue has a Little Rock in its path (sorry, too soon...but they do have 2000/1 odds to win the title next season).

Here's the odds for rest of the Big Ten and Purdue's major non-con opponents:

Opponent Odds
Louisville 12/1
Michigan State 12/1
Villanova 12/1
Indiana 25/1
Wisconsin 40/1
Maryland 60/1
Michigan 100/1
Arizona State 110/1
Iowa 110/1
Ohio State 200/1
Notre Dame 220/1
Auburn 300/1
Illinois 300/1
Minnesota 300/1
Nebraska 300/1
Northwestern 300/1
Texas Tech
Penn State 500/1
Rutgers 1000/1
Utah State 1000/1

And if you're wondering and want to depress yourself, Purdue Football doesn't have any odds listed for the national title in football.