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2015-16 Men's Basketball Conference Opponents

The B1G announced single play and home-and-away conference opponents earlier today.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how Purdue's schedule is lining up next season:

Home and away: Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wisconsin
Home only: Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Penn State
Away only: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Rutgers.

The biggest headline here is that Purdue and IU will only play each other once, similar to the 2013-14 season, but this time in Bloomington. Obviously, that's a big blow to the rivalry, and it doesn't benefit us as the game is in Bloomington. People have discussed on Twitter the possibility of Purdue/IU facing against each other in the Crossroads Classic to make up for the 2nd game, but that probably won't happen under the current format.

Others have talked about making Purdue/IU a protected rivalry, but that probably won't happen as it would have to be applied to the other schools in the Big Ten, and some schools have multiple rivals (Michigan vs MSU and OSU) or none at all (Penn State vs ???). An easier solution would be to go from 18 conference games to 20, but I'm going to stop with the suggestions because this is just endless and this article must end...

Overall, I like how the schedule is looking outside of the lone game in Bloomington. It will be beneficial to Purdue that our lone games against Michigan State and Ohio State are at home, and that we get 2 shots at teams like Wisconsin and Maryland (games where we wished we had a 2nd chance in this season). On a personal note, I'm looking forward to Purdue playing down the street from me when they play at Michigan.