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Caleb Swanigan Declared Eligible by NCAA

No explanation needed.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few moments ago these two tweets went out and word came down from the golden, diamond encrusted tower that is the NCAA that Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan has been cleared to play this season by the NCAA!

This means that Biggie will be able to play in the closed scrimmage this weekend against Dayton. Painter stressed in his comments the other day that choosing to play Dayton was deliberate as it offers quite the contrast to the way Purdue will be playing this season. With Swanigan fully cleared it allows Purdue to fully test its game plan for the season. With this news it also pushes Basil Smotherman one step closer to the strange junior year non-injury redshirt. As an upperclassman Smotherman will not be able to participate in the weekend scrimmage if he is indeed going to redshirt. That's just one more thing to keep an eye on this weekend.

For now though let us rejoice and be glad. May I suggest a music celebration?