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Friday Drankin'

Friday Drankin’: Capital Brewing

It’s Wisconsin, so there is good beer.

Friday Drankin: Code Beer Company

Lincoln loves beer.

Friday Drankin’: Denizens Brewing Co.

We’re drankin’ in our nation’s capital.

Friday Drankin’: Urban Growler Brewing Co.

All the ladies are independent!

Friday Drankin’: Islamorada Beer Company

South Florida beach beers!

Friday Drankin’: Willow Rock Brewing

Stephen returns with a beer rec.

Friday Drankin’: Terre Haute Brewing Company

It’s a semi-local beer!

Friday (Thursday?) Drankin’: Tröegs Independent Brewing

We’re back and we’re drinkin’ on a weeknight!

Bowl Game Drankin’: Xul Beer Company

Because it is okay to drink beer on a Thursday afternoon if it is a bowl game.

Friday Drankin’: Quaff On Brewing

You’d drink too if you kept losing to Purdue.

Friday Drankin’: Greenstar Brewing

Located just steps from Wrigley’s front door.

Friday Drankin’ Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

This is a good one.

Friday Drankin’: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Who some some oak aged beer?

Friday Drankin’: Kinkaider Brewing Co.

Lincoln has a lot of beer within a close distance of Memorial Stadium.

Friday Drankin’: Young Blood Beer Company

Beer? In Madison? Unthinkable!

Friday Drankin’: Lion Bridge Brewing Co. 

We have to step outside of Iowa City.

Friday Drankin’: Sisyphus Brewing

Being a Purdue fan is like Sisyphus.

Friday Drankin’: Riggs Beer Company

Champaign needs to open more breweries.

Friday Drankin’: Evil Czech Brewing

Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

Friday Drankin’: Willimantic Brewing

This week we have a family recommendation

Friday Drankin’: Block 15 Brewing

We’re here for beer.

Friday Drankin’: White Elm Brewing

There are a lot more breweries in Lincoln this year.

Friday Drankin’: Harvest Moon Brewery

There are a lot of breweries near Rutgers. Who knew?

Friday Drankin’: Fair State Brewing

Recommended by Minnesota fans!

Friday Drankin’: Five Rabbit Cervecería

Let’s enjoy one of Chicagoland’s finest breweries.

Friday Drankin’: 25 O’Clock Brewing

I am running out of breweries in Champaign

Friday Drankin’: Backpocket Brewing

We’re back, with beer!

Friday Drankin’: The Neon Cactus

Let’s pour one out for our departed watering hole.

Friday Drankin’: Function Brewing

It’s the season finale of Friday Drankin’

Friday Drankin’: Great Dane Brewing Co. 

Beer and Wisconsin together? that would never happen.

Friday Drankin’: Temperance Beer Company

Both Purdue and Northwestern have needed a lot of beer this season.

Friday Drankin’: Empyrean Brewing

They have a rooftop grain silo!


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