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Purdue vs. Vandy Predictions

Our staff has to do better than last week right?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nevada
David Calvert-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (0-1) Says:

I’m excited about Purdue’s first football game of the season...what?...they played last Friday night? I’m not sure that’s true. I don’t believe you. Purdue plays their first HOME game this weekend against the Commodores of Vandy. It should be an interesting game as Purdue faces a black and gold team causing confusion to the casual fan who doesn’t know which team is which.

Vandy comes into the game coming off a loss to Georgia. It’s hard to tell anything about a team when they get trounced by the #3 team in the nation so I’m not drawing any conclusions there. However, I do know that the Vandy RB has played against Purdue before back when he was at Illinois and caused quite a bit of damage against our beloved Hazell led Boilermakers. But then again, who didn’t?

Purdue has to play better, more aggressive, and more consistent in all facets of the game in order to come out with a win. Special Teams obviously has to be better for Purdue to win. You can’t just hand the other team the ball like that and expect to have success. I think Purdue takes better care of the football and walks out of Ross-Ade with a narrow victory.

Purdue 35

Vandy 24

Kyle (0-1) Says:

When our lead got cut to 7 against Nevada, I told my wife - I have seen this movie before and went to bed. I didn’t give up, I was just tired, it was nearing 1:30 in the morning and maybe the slight time change had an effect on our boys late, just like it did to me. This week, we are back home, a noon kick off, so there shouldn’t be an issues with time. Vanderbilt, a team who has went to a bowl game in 2 of the last 3 years will be a big, strong, SEC built team. They are a run first team, with a QB that has a big arm. I expect a game plan similar to what we did against Boston College last year, stop the run first and worry about the pass second. We obviously need to limit turnovers on offense.

I think Purdue fixes the turnover issue and we win this one.

Purdue 27

Vandy 17 (good teams win, great teams cover)

Travis (0-1) Says:

It is probably early to have a “loser leaves town” game for bowl eligibility, but after Purdue tripped over its own genitalia to lose last week we desperately need this game now. Vanderbilt is a better overall team than Nevada, but not overwhelmingly so. They have some weapons, including Ke’Shawn Vaughn who shredded a Hazell defense four years ago while with Illinois. I question their defense, however. I think at home, with the rotation issues from Friday fixed, not turning it over five times, and not playing at altitude will greatly help Purdue. Those were all factors in barely losing last week. This is an important game not just for this year, but I think for Brohm’s entire tenure. Since we’re at home I think he gets it done.

Purdue 31

Vanderbilt 24

Chris (0-1) Says:

Before I get into my #content, can we talk about how much overlap we have with Vandy? We’re both shades of gold and black [side note here, we also have a home and home with Wake Forest scheduled in the future, so I’m pretty sure Bobinski just schedules based on matching colors], we are both kinda sorta known for being a not so great team in a good conference (though Vandy fares much worse in this than us, thanks IU!), and we both have quarterbacks known more for their off-the-field personalities than on (who even got traded for each other!). Not to mention both schools have vehicle-related nicknames. Neat. Anyway, those sentences are what it looks like when someone doesn’t want to talk about last week. Mr. Optimism has come off the rails here after the punt return fiascoes. The team should have won last week, but didn’t (evergreen content!). Ideally, Rondale has a similar line to last week’s first half but some actual production in the second half, and we keep our foot on the pedal if we have any early leads. While we’re being wishful, it would be nice if our defense could force a turnover or two. I say they bounce back at home against an actually-decent Vanderbilt (not evergreen content!) team and we all get sucked back in.

31-13, Boilermakers

Commodores? More like Rear Admirals AMIRITE? (I’m dead inside)

Juan (0-1) Says:

Had Nevada missed a PAT and not gotten that 56-yard field goal at the end of last week’s game, my prediction would have been right on the money. What does this say about me? That I am still wrong, just like everyone else in the staff last week.

So moving onto this week, I am still approaching the game with some caution. Last week I said that it would be close, but Purdue should come out on top. This week, I’m saying the same thing, but that the ball could bounce in Vandy’s favor with their great running game thanks to Ke’Shawn Vaughn. As I mentioned in the Hammerin’ Ales Podcast (where my voice is beloved), when Vaughn was at Illinois, he came to Ross-Ade and ran for nearly 200 yards with 2 touchdowns. Sure, that was Hazell, but I’m sure he’s waiting for the chance to do the same thing again. It’ll be a close one, but sadly, once again not in Purdue’s favor.

Purdue 27, Vanderbilt 28

Andrew Holmes (0-1) Says:

I think the problems at the end of the Nevada game were all fixable. Brohm-coached teams are resilient and I think we bounce back. Also, GK doesn’t get held as much and grabs a forced fumble and two and half sacks. Purdue 30, Vanderbilt 24