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Purdue vs. TCU Predictions

Can Purdue ride the momentum?

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Purdue
Rondale Moore. Star.
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Jumbo Heroes (1-1) Says:

With Bailey out and Sindelar on the ropes (though the latest reports make it sound like he’s likely to play) Purdue is down at least one and maybe two big playmakers. Is that going to be enough to allow TCU to come into Ross-Ade and walk away with a victory? I don’t think so. This Purdue team should be able to beat a middling TCU team at home given some of the athletes they have at the skilled positions on offense. I honestly am not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow but I know that I still have faith in Brohm, Holt, and Rondale Moore. Together, those three should get Purdue three in case Sindelar isn’t able to play.

Purdue 31

TCU 28

Kyle (1-1) Says: Editor’s note: Kyle went full out weak and picked an outcome for two situations so I’m going to say that no matter what happens this goes down as a loss. If you disagree convince me in the comments.

The Boilers are officially without senior leader Markus Bailey and Elijah Sindelar is looking iffy for the late kick off game against TCU.

The atmosphere is going to be awesome at Ross-Ade this Saturday night and the talent of our young roster gives me hope. Then, I lose a little bit when I see that Sindelar may not play, Bailey is out, Lorenzo Neal Jr, Tario Fuller and Richie Worship all being out. Our seniors that should be playing, aren’t and that always hurts.

If Sindelar plays, we win 38 to 31

If Sindelar does not play, we lose 42 to 31.

Juan (0-2) Says:

My picks have been popular the last two weeks, so why buck the trend now? Chris’s TCU article will probably be their bulletin board material this week, and given the injury news, Saturday night might not be a good time for the black and gold. But hey, if I’m wrong again, I’m in good shape for the top pick in the 2020 draft. That’s how these predictions work, right?

Purdue 30

TCU 38

Travis (1-1):

Losing Markus Bailey sucks, but so much depends on if Elijah Sindelar plays this week. Coach Brohm continues to play with his cards to his chest on that, but concussions are obviously tricky. I also think there is no such thing as a “slight” concussion. If Purdue starts its backup QB do we get the same boost opponents have gotten against us like Rocky Lombardi, Jack Coan, and Caleb Strong have gotten in their first starts? Hoping Sindelar plays feels weird too because it is like saying, “Yeah, I hope your brain is not TOO damaged for my enjoyment.” I’ll make my pick assuming he is good to go.

Purdue 24

TCU 21

Drew (0-0) Says:

First prediction of the year. TCU gets enough pressure on the QB to bother the passing game. They bother the Purdue defense with a mobile QB.

Purdue 24

TCU 30

Chris (1-1) Says:

I’m just going to completely steer into this week’s heel turn.

TCU is just miles ahead of us as a program. There’s no way that little old Purdue could possibly compete with the biggest name program we have ever played. With potentially a QB making his first start and a LB out for the season, I will be surprised if we don’t forfeit.

Okay okay even I can’t do this that long. We’re going to be fine. Purdue fans seem to think TCU is A Very Good Team™. But I promise you, they are a middling P5 team like us (I’ll let you figure out if that’s a compliment to how far we’ve climbed or if TCU has just fallen a long way). If I were to pick a mean and standard deviation for margin of victory I would say Purdue by 10 with a standard deviation of like... 14. We could win by 24, we could win by 3, and we most certainly can lose by 10-20 points. There are too many variables at play. When Sindelar’s concussion was reported, Vegas moved the line from -3.5 to +2.5 for the Boilers. Since then, the action has moved the line to Purdue +1.5. If Sindelar is fine and plays like the last two games, we win. But I’m going to emotionally hedge in my pick and say TCU 31, Purdue 28 with a lead lost in the 4th quarter in there somewhere. And if that happens I can’t wait to see my Twitter mentions.

Purdue 28

TCU 31

Holmes (1-1) Says:

This feels like the game where dumb luck finally goes Brohm’s way. We’re missing our two defensive leaders, maybe our best rb, and possibly our starting QB. However, I expect us to get a good bounce somewhere that saves us.

Purdue 28

TCU 27