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Purdue to Name Field at Ross-Ade

Will we see Joe Tiller Field?

TCU v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Last night, Purdue released their agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting that will occur this Friday, December 6th. Now, normally we don’t report on the general business of the BoT (even though we all know you’re captivated by their meetings), but there was an interesting item on the agenda that some folks on Twitter noticed:

Screenshot from the BoT agenda

It’s unclear at the moment who or what the field at Ross-Ade will be named after, but as the Journal & Courier reported yesterday, it seems like a large donation is involved.

Is it a business? An individual? A family donation? Regardless, the financial commitment is substantial.

The field dedication is scheduled to take place prior to Purdue’s 2020 home opener Sept. 12 against Memphis.

The money from the gift will help with the Ross-Ade renovation project, which will be privately funded.

Ever since his passing in 2017, Purdue fans have been calling for the field at Ross-Ade to be named after the late Joe Tiller. After all, the only thing dedicated to the great coach is just one block of road directly next to Ross-Ade, which was done when Morgan Burke was still athletic director.

Hopefully, we see the field named after Joe Tiller, but it is also equally possible that the field will be named after the person who made the donation. Of course, it could also be named after a corporate sponsor. At the moment and if I recall correctly, nothing on Purdue’s athletic campus (at least in Ross-Ade and Mackey) is named after a corporate sponsor, so it would be a first.

If it does end up being a corporate sponsor, there’s only one option...