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Expect Heavy Rain for Tomorrow’s Game

Stock up on those ponchos!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox
Okay it probably won’t get this bad
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Having a few degrees in atmospheric science and meteorology, I could go into many details about the weather for tomorrow. Instead, I am going to let Ollie Williams tell you what you need to know for tomorrow’s game against Eastern Michigan:

Thanks, Ollie.

So yes, the weather is going to be a little rough tomorrow afternoon as the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon move through the area, dumping a inch or so of rain with temperatures in the high-60s.

If you have friends with Ross-Ade Pavilion access, I suggest you try to be a little nice to them in the next few hours and maybe they’ll find an extra ticket for you (hint: Travis will be up there tomorrow).

Now, if you have access to the South End Zone patio/Morgantown, you could camp out under the beer tent for most of the game. Granted, you may not be able to see much of the game or see the videoboard for replays, but it can keep you dry and drink beer too. However, they do have to shut down the patio if wind speeds get too high (much like the Minnesota game last year).

According to the National Weather Service office in Indy, wind speeds at tomorrow’s game are expected to be around 15 mph, with gusts over 20 mph. If I recall correctly, wind speeds have to surpass 25 or 30 mph to shut down Morgantown, so you should be okay, but it’s not a guarantee.

Along with all this rain, there is a chance for storms tomorrow afternoon as well. If there is a lightning strike within 8-10 miles of Ross-Ade, the game must be delayed and fans must evacuate Ross-Ade (typically to Mackey, Lambert, and other indoor structures nearby. The game is delayed until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike within that radius.

The good news is that the NWS is not expecting storms until after 3pm at this time, so the game should be in the clear as it is a noon start. However, Earth’s atmosphere is a complicated fluid, so things could always change. There are people always monitoring the weather situation at all times at Ross-Ade, so if lightning occurs they will put into motion an evacuation plan just like the Minnesota game last year.

In the end, it’s going to rain a bunch tomorrow afternoon, so if you plan on going make sure you bring a poncho or buy one at the stadium. Additionally, give yourself some extra time for parking, as it will be restricted on some of the grass lots:

The rain and winds will certainly force both teams to focus more on their run games; it’ll be interesting to see how Sindelar and Blough perform in the tougher conditions.