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Northwestern v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Look, last weekend was terrible. I use YouTube TV for my, well, TV and have Comcast for my internet. That’s my first mistake. With roughly 6-7 minutes left in the fourth quarter, I lost my internet. I reset the router and after a slow reboot process the internet came back on with around 2 minutes left in the game. Then it immediately went out again. I missed the end of the game. I missed the penalty, the late conversion, and the game winning field goal. I suppose in a way that’s good. But in another actual way that’s very bad. I hate Comcast and their garbage internet. Ah well. Let’s get into predictions shall we?

Jumbo Heroes (0-2):

Purdue has struggled mightily on defense thus far and I don’t see any reason why Saturday will be different. The offensive line has struggled and again, I don’t see why Saturday will be any different. Mizzou is better than Eastern Michigan. I don’t expect this to go well for Purdue but that doesn’t mean I’ve last hope in Brohm. I still believe.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is the Sparks vs. Sparks matchup. Wide Receiver vs. Cornerback of all things. If these two are anything like myself and my older brother Ryan they are going to be competing so hard it could be dangerous. True story, when my brother and I were in the same Advanced Gym class in high school, that’s a real thing I swear, we were competing in the Olympics and had to run a sprint in the hallway. Rather than slowing down before the end and losing I continued to run through and broke my right wrist, but hey I won that race. That’s all that matters right? It should be fun to see these two go toe to toe. I think in the end Mizzou pulls it off and gets revenge for last year.

Purdue 24

Mizzou 35

Travis (0-2):

So here we are at our game and I don’t know what to think. I know we can play well enough to win this game. I was surprised that the Missouri writers were more confident in us. I have been down though because there really should have been no way we lost the EMU game. It happened though, and the truth is that this could be a step back year before a leap forward in 2019. I would not be surprised if we came out, played well, and won by a touchdown. I also would not be surprised if we got absolutely blown out. If Purdue wins, it is a testament to Brohm’s abilities because it means he has fixed some glaring issues in a week, while a loss probably showcases a lack of talent. As long as we don’t start losing recruits I am still going to trust Brohm and judge him when those guys get here just because his 2019 class is significantly better, top to bottom, than any class currently on the roster.

Missouri 41

Purdue 27

Casey (0-1):

It’s become pretty apparent that last year’s defense was borderline elite. In the same way no part of this year’s Purdue team is anywhere close to elite. The offense had the best chance but despite a talented backfield, the Boilers have struggled everywhere else. Even if either of the QBs get on track, it’s hard to imagine this defense holding what should be a dangerous Mizzou offense. The future is still bright with Brohm but this year’s team is gonna be a struggle. Last week was a bad bad bad loss. Hard to feel confident this week.

Purdue 24

Mizzou 36

Kyle (0-2):

Purdue is coming off of a loss that quite frankly, no one expected. After a solid showing against NW, the Boilers crapped the bed. Now, we have a chance to rebound against a bowl winning SEC team. Sure. We throttled them last year. Our defense was much different then.

I am not confident in any phase of the game for Purdue currently, with Quarterback playing being terrible, no pass rush on defense, and missing easy kicks. I think Drew Lock and Missouri get revenge in West Lafayette.

Mizzou 31

Purdue 17

Holmes (0-2):

We come up just a bit short and one or two plays make the difference the wrong way again. Oh, and Jumbo Heroes tweets something dumb and east coast elitist like “NYC bbq is better than St. Louis bbq” and gets banned from the state of Missouri.

Mizzou 34

Purdue 28

Drew (0-2):

The Bloughfense struggles and the secondary gets exposed. Good night sweet prince.

Purdue 17

Missouri 37

Juan (0-2):

I want Purdue to win. I am not quitting on Brohm. But I want to see results, which we haven’t seen in 2018. Until then...

Purdue 14

Mizzou 31