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New Purdue Football Poster Released

Did Purdue take a shot at TSiB?

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Earlier today, Purdue athletics released the poster for the 2018 football season:

It looks great, but why are we reporting on it? Well, other than it is summer with not much else to report on other than Purdue alums in the NBA summer league, opponent previews, and countdown posts, there’s something interesting about these posters. As Brent Yarina pointed out on Twitter, Purdue may be taking a shot at That School in Bloomington (TSiB):

Last year, TSiB’s poster motto was “Break Through”, as TSiB finished last season 5-7 and failed to make it to a bowl game after losing to Purdue. Meanwhile, Purdue went with “Only the Strong Break Through.” Perhaps Purdue is throwing a little shade towards TSiB? If so, pettiness among rivals in college football (and other college sports) is always fun. Or maybe it is just a coincidence as Purdue designed a great poster.

Either way, it’s a great motto for the team this year. Though the team is expected to continue its improvement, it will face a steeper incline this year with a much more difficult schedule, such as facing Michigan State and Ohio State back-to-back.