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Purdue vs. #19 Iowa Predictions

NCAA Football: Purdue at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (3-5):

When your record picking games is under .500 and worse than the team record it’s time to go out on a limb and make some picks you think might be wrong because you’re just fighting for bowl eligibility and get ahead of your rivals on the site. I think Iowa is a great team and they have a fantastic defense. One of the best Purdue will face all season. Luckily the Iowa offense is not great. I also wonder how much of the Iowa team defensive stats are based on the fact that they haven’t played a super tough schedule. They’ve only truly played two tough games, Wisconsin and Penn State, and lost both of them. So my question is if Iowa’s defense is actually that good or if their schedule has just been weak.

For Purdue’s sake I hope it’s the latter. With Purdue back at home and the offense hopefully coming down off their hangover post-Ohio State the team should look more like themselves. Rondale Moore will need to find a way to get open in space in order to truly showcase his talents.

Purdue 28, Iowa 27

Travis (4-4):

Iowa is playing really well defensively, but their offense has been a mess of late. Now we know that Nathan Stanley has an injured thumb too, but facing a backup QB, as we learned last week, is no guarantee. Still, Iowa is a good defensive team with a struggling offense (sound familiar?) Playing at home Purdue can’t be as bad offensively as last week, right?

Purdue 27, Iowa 20

Juan (3-5):

Dare I say it? Iowa is the toughest opponent Purdue will face all season. Had it not been for a couple bad plays at very bad times against Wisconsin and Penn State, they could have come into this game undefeated and in the Top 10. While Iowa’s offense may not be exciting, their defense has been shutting down opponents most of the season, and is the 2nd best in the Big Ten. We already saw what happened last week when Purdue’s offense ran into a better than average defense. Despite it being at home, I would expect similar results compared to last week.

Purdue 10, Iowa 17

Kyle (4-3):

A ranked Iowa team coming to Ross-Ade? Normally I would be excited to exploit their boring offense and typical Iowa defense.

But, I heard Rondale is hurt. He was banged up 2nd half vs MSU and that did not go well for us. He is an Indy Car, not a NASCAR, a little dent might cause for a major slow down.

Look for Iowa’s defense to stifle the Boilermakers with #4 being banged up.

Purdue 17, Iowa 24

Holmes (4-4):

I was really prepared to pick Iowa this week, and then they looked unimpressive in a loss to a Penn State team that is, in my opinion, overrated. My prediction is that a no-longer-overconfident Purdue team defends Ross-Ade and beats another ranked team for Tyler and the rest of the Boilermaker fans. Oh, and Jumbo Heroes accidentally summons a demon whilst cursing at a bad call in the first half. Horror movie-esque gore ensues.

Purdue 34, Iowa 28