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WATCH: David Blough Previews 2017 Season

Purdue v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Purdue quarterback, David Blough, talked with the Big Ten Network on BTN Live yesterday. Here, he recaps what it was like to give the speech at the luncheon during Big Ten Media Days.

Blough also discusses Purdue’s new head coach Jeff Brohm. He mentioned how Brohm said he would be the hardest working coach in the conference and said he has seen it, mentioning how Brohm will stay late and sleep in his office instead of staying in a hotel. Blough said he would “run through a wall for him” and that the players will also follow Brohm’s lead.

Blough also talked about making the offense more efficient, as last season the team just threw the ball around. He also mentioned towards the end on reducing the number of negative plays.

Watch the entire clip above.