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Purdue Football: WE ARE HAPPY AGAIN!

The dark times are starting to come to an end.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Back in August, ESPN did a post on fan happiness. I won’t plagiarize their article, but they take a lot of different concepts into judging fan happiness. including the following: recruiting trends, Twitter buzz amongst the fan base, program revenue/growth and coaching.

Well, we are up 99 spots. We started the season at 108, which is amazing considering what the previous staff did to the morale of fans.

We are now number 9! That is right, in the top 25 for the first time, in uh, well... forever.

Sure, it isn’t the actual top 25, but it should count for something, right!?

Now, number 9 seems awfully high for us, we still are a 4-5 football team, but it is just so much better regardless. Some of the bigger factors that probably played into our jump is the revenue side, attendance is up an average of 12,000 fans or so, which is amazing. Also, the new staff has killed it on social media, our Boiler Football Twitter is now one of the best.

So, do you agree? Are we the 9th happiest fan base in America right now?