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No Deal Between Brohm and Tennessee

There is some good news, but this story is far from over.

NCAA Football: Ohio at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter has imploded in the last 2-3 hours regarding the rumors that Jeff Brohm may be leaving Purdue for Tennessee, and that it was, to paraphrase a mediocre basketball coach, basically a “done deal”.

But with reports from Purdue saying nothing was final, and even Coaches Brohm and Holt meeting with Purdue recruits earlier today as these rumors were spreading, these reports out of Knoxville seemed a little suspicious. Of course, we’re all too familiar with Purdue and Tennessee battling each other during the coaching carousal of 2013 when both schools were trying to hire Butch Jones...and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

However, within the last 30 or so minutes, Purdue fans could lower their heart rates for a few minutes, as verified and reliable college football sources noted that there has been no deal between Jeff Brohm and the Tennessee Volunteers:

This is good news, as we can breathe a little easier that Jeff Brohm is NOT leaving for Tennessee...yet. Until we get word from Jeff Brohm himself that he is staying, or from within the athletic department, we are not out of the woods yet regarding Jeff Brohm, Tennessee, and the other coaching searches going on right now.

There are many fake Twitter accounts out there trying to muddy the water, some of which we have almost fallen for here at H&R given the mess it has been lately. Be skeptical of what you see out there (and we’re preaching to ourselves here too). If you see a fake account trying to imitate a reporter tweeting about Jeff Brohm, don’t retweet it. We can get through this.