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Source: Anthony Poindexter to Join Purdue Staff

The former UConn Defensive Coordinator is set to join the Brohm Squad.

Miami Beach Bowl - South Florida v Western Kentucky Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Earlier today, we reported that Tony Levine will join the Purdue staff as Special Teams Coordinator, Co-OC & Tight Ends coach. Hidden in this news was another hire for Purdue, as Anthony Poindexter will also join the Purdue staff on the defensive end, possibly as the defensive backs coach.

The new hire was first reported by CBS Sports last night, based on a tweet from UConn Football Beat writer, Mike Anthony:

Prior to his latest position at UConn, Poindexter was on Virginia’s coaching staff from 2003 until 2013, where he went from being a Graduate Assistant to Safeties coach.

Here’s how UConn’s Defense ranked according to S&P+ from 2014-2016 under Poindexter:

2014: #85, (30.7)
2015: #36 (23.8)
2016: #73 (30.5)

While UConn’s defense under Poindexter certainly hasn’t been great (though better than Purdue’s in 2015 and 2016), he could bring some great experience and coaching if as a position’s coach (such as DB’s or safeties). We’ll see what Coach Poindexter brings to the Brohm Squad next season.

Fun fact about Poindexter: He was part of the Baltimore Ravens when they won Super Bowl XXXV, but did not play in that game.