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H&R Staff Picks vs Mehneesohtah

The H&R Staff isn’t too optimistic about Purdue’s game in Minneapolis.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into Purdue’s 9th game of the season, here’s how the staff has done so far with their picks:

Since the football season can be draining at times, I asked the staff to spice up the picks with some unique ways of spelling Minnesota (usually making fun of their accent). With Travis in Miami celebrating the Cubs’ World Series win with drugs and hookers his wife, kid, and in-laws, he leads off our predictions for this week’s game:

Travis Miller

Can Purdue play two full halves of football? We have seen what they can do in the first half, but there is no depth and that has prevented Purdue from finishing a couple of potential upsets the last two weeks. The second half numbers have been brutal. Purdue has been outscored 62-7 in the second half after winning the first half 31-28 against two ranked teams. Minnesota isn’t quite as good as Nebraska and Penn State, but they are still a good team if a bit one-dimensional. I think the Gophers run the ball and run some more against a beaten up and shallow Purdue defense. Purdue will hang close for a bit, but the depth is just not there to finish a game.

Minnesota 36, Purdue 23

Andrew Ledman (aka Jumboheroes)

MiniSoda is not a great football team by any definition of the word. Purdue though is a much worse football team. You may have watched the recent "game" against Penn State where Purdue allowed 62 points. That second half was not enjoyable. Can Purdue somehow overcome the tides it is facing and beat ManySoda? I don't think so, but then again we live in a world where the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions so I suppose anything is possible. This however, doesn't seem like one of those things.

Purdue 28

Men-e-Soda 44

Jack Walker (aka WBBFan)

The trend of wearing down in the second half continues. This is just not a good match-up for Purdue and Minnesota has been playing well lately.

Minnesota 42 - Purdue 21

Rob St. Claire

Purdue 34, South Canada 31

Casey Bartley

Minny 37 Purdue 33 - Purdue couldn't stop the run with a handful of Imodium.

Andrew Holmes

Minisoda 30 Purdue 28

Kyle Holderfield

Minesohhhhhhta 34 Purdue 17

Drew Schneider (aka TheLegend)

Purdue 24 Minni 35

Juan Crespo

Parker has done a great job firing up this team ever since Hazell’s departure. You noticed that in the first halves against Nebraska and Penn State. Heck, the 1st half of the Penn State game was the first time I’ve seen Ross-Ade fired up ever since the 2012 Bucket Game. However, motivational speeches can only go so far, even though many sports movies makes us think otherwise. True talent of both coaches and players come out in the 2nd half, and unfortunately the gap between Purdue and the rest of the B1G becomes evident during that time. It’s not really Parker’s fault, he can only use the cards he’s been dealt, but I do think this trend continues.

We can either get 1 of 2 Minnesota teams: the ones that struggled to beat Rutgers or the one that demolished Illinois. Purdue is somewhere around that level (unfortunately) and at the end of the day, we’ll probably see the latter Minny team.

Purdue 31, Minnesohhtah eh 45