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Hazell Speaks, We Listen

Highlights from coach's post marshall, pre Indiana State presser.

Sadly no one asked about Coach's attire.
Sadly no one asked about Coach's attire.
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It's always interesting to me what a coach says after a loss. Losing always seems to be more enlightening if you're looking at a press conference. You get more emotion and you get more contemplation. If you're coming off a decisive victory it's easy for the coach to say nothing but praise and not get pushed. Let's take a look at some highlights from this presser shall we?

On the loss to Marshall

Just to touch on Saturday's game from last week, obviously not the desired result but there's a lot of good things if you study the films. Our offense played 98 plays in the first game of the season and didn't have one penalty, which is huge. Very little mental mistakes by the offense. Defensively, we were able to get three turnovers. I thought our team probably played the best collectively as we played since we've been here as a staff. All three units played as hard and as well prepared as you would like them to play other than being able to finish the game.

Can this team finish?

Yeah, sometimes we think finishing might be that a little seven-minute drive, but that seven-minute drive may never happen if you're able to finish three series ago or if we hit a field goal earlier in the game. Those things sometimes come back to haunt you and that's all part of that finishing equation that we'll address with the team today.

Some thoughts on Indiana State

Indiana State is going to come with every blitz known to man. They play an odd front, which you don't see a whole lot. But they'll change the coverage probably down by down, so that's a little bit of a concern for the offensive side. For the defensive side, they play a lot of different formations. Their running back's a good player, he's fast, and their quarterback's able to pull the ball down and he made some good plays against Butler last week.

On turnovers

You have to be able to take care of the football above all else. We didn't do a great job of that on Saturday, so that's something we'll continue to observe and go from there. The other thing is we did have about four, five makeable plays that we didn't make, so we have to be able to do those as well.

Is Appleby still the starter?

He is. Yes, he is.

On Danny Anthrop

We rested him quite a bit going into that one. We put him on the shelf a couple days and said let's get him through he game and see how well he does. What he's getting right now is a lot of that first-year post-op surgery soreness, which is quite common, and some guys handle it one way, some guys handle it another way. We just have to take him day by day and see where he is.

We're going to take him off of kickoff returns this week. Probably put D.J. Knox back in. Maybe another guys we'll look at is Myles Norwood back there and even Timmy Cason as the other guy back there. So we'll take him, try to give him a little bit more rest in those duties.

Should Purdue have run the ball more? Specifically on those 3rd and 2 calls.

No, no. I thought we did a good job in the third quarter. Our plan at halftime is we felt like we could pound them, lean on them a little bit, they were getting worn down inside, was to come out in the third quarter and run the football. In the fourth quarter, they started giving us nine-man fronts. Gonna have to throw it at some point in time and you've got to make a couple of those plays when you do throw it.

Again, it was a nine-man front and if you run it and you get one yard and punt it, it's the same result. So we did what we thought was the right thing to do at the time, we threw the ball versus one-on-one coverage on the outside and just didn't complete the ball.

On the defense on the last Marshall scoring drive.

Yeah. I think we could have made some adjustments, a couple adjustments. Nothing major. Like I said, just to help the corners. What I mean by that is just take some guys out from the front. And here's what we were worried about defensively is do we remove guys from the front, that leaves you vulnerable to that good back. So that's the cards you've got to try to play. You take guys, you put them over top the receivers and give them help over the top; now all of a sudden your front's thinned out so you're going back and forth on what you should do there.