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Marshall defeats Purdue 41-31

Purdue falls apart in the fourth quarter.

This man had himself a ballgame.
This man had himself a ballgame.
Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to win a football game when you give up two pick sixes, but Purdue looked like they would do just that for a long time today. In the fourth quarter Purdue was up 31-27 with the ball. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. As Purdue has so often done, they found a way to lose a game that they should have won. The Purdue defense looked stout for much of the game but just couldn't keep it up late in the fourth as they allowed Marshall to more or less walk down the field for the go ahead touchdown.

The Purdue offense looks much improved from last year but it just wasn't enough to win the game. The running back duo of D.J. Knox and Markell Jones more than lived up to the hype from the offseason as they powered Purdue to 31 points and some explosive plays. Appleby had a total of four interceptions with one of them coming in garbage throw it on every down time. The offense got stopped on three consecutive third downs by making, in my opinion, some bone-headed play calls. Twice in a row on third and two Purdue passed the ball, but then on third and five they chose to run the ball. The result was the same each time as Purdue was forced to punt. That's where Purdue lost the game.

We will have much more here as we move forward and go into more detail with this loss. Man, this one hurts. Purdue remains the master at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory each and every season. Let's hope they take this and learn from it. They need to be a better team next week. More to come.