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1 Day to Purdue Football: D.J. Knox and Brandon Roberts

With one more day until football we have the starting running back and one of the top safeties.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Finally, the season is here! The bulk of college football gets started today, but Purdue fans have to wait one more day. That's okay, however. We can enjoy the day watching football and read about the last two players, including one we have profiled before.

D.J. Knox - Sophomore

Fairburn, GA (Creekside HS)

5'7", 197 pounds

Running Back

2015 Projection: Starting Running Back

Yes, we have profiled Knox before. He switched from jersey No. 27 to jersey No. 1 after fall camp because he earned it according to Hazell, so he is back again.

Knox didn't get a single carry last year during his freshman season. The only time he saw the field was during special teams. A young guy like David Yancey can take heart that being a standout on special teams can get you recognition and lead to some good things for you in the following season. Keyante Green is the only player returning for Purdue that has racked up any rushing yards. It says something about Knox that he is widely considered the man to be starting this season. It's a bit unsettling as a fan to see such little experience at a key position but there is definitely talent in the backfield. Knox should be able to use his size and rack up yards between the tackles. The guy has legs like tree trunks for heaven's sake.

Brandon Roberts - Fr. (RS)

Naylor, GA (Lowndes HS)

5'11", 174 pounds


2015 Projection: contributor at safety

Roberts came out of spring battling Robert Gregory for the starting job at safety and it has been neck and neck. Gregory gets the nod for now, and while he is more of a big play threat, Roberts is supposedly the more fundamentally sound player of the two. As he comes out of his redshirt year there is a lot of promise for him. He was a three-star prospect out of Georgia where he played on both sides of the ball. In his final year he had five interceptions on defense and five touchdowns.