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Purdue vs. Marshall Predictions

First game of the season can't hold anything back now.

Your time to shine big man.
Your time to shine big man.
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Purdue takes on Marshall Sunday at 3:00 on Fox Sports One. Everything about that sentence seems odd to me. Regardless, this a Purdue sports blog and you all pay good money to read our thoughts. Let's collect them and see what everyone thinks shall we? Will Purdue start out 1-0 or falter to an 0-1 beginning?

T-Mill Says:

Oh my. What do I do? Do I go with my heart and say that Purdue really has changed, or do I remember that being a Purdue fans means you're in an abusive relationship, and with basketball sending everyone on a nice little high in February and March we're due for a fall? Marshall is a damn good team with a terrifying running back. it is like we get the ultimate test to see fi the last 24 games worth of change and growth really did turn things around. The only thing I know for sure is that I will be at Wrigley FieldSunday afternoon watching on my phone while the Cubs are battling for a playoff spot, so I am probably going to be ultimately disappointed, anyway. Maybe being in a place where there has been more than a century of heartbreak will naturally ease the pain. Either way, I am likely drinking heavily. Marshall 34, Purdue 24.

Andrew Holmes Says:

It is the first game of the season, and my optimism is still at full capacity. I'm not sure why we agreed to go play in West Virginia, but I'll say Purdue wins in a shootout thanks to a late Griggs field goal. Appleby looks good, Anthrop scores twice and Matthew McConaughey is so impressed he decides to make a movie involving Purdue. For some reason he chooses an Orville Redenbacher biopic, but to everyone's surprise it is a great movie, unlike that football one he did.

Drew Schneider Says:

Purdue 28, Marshall 21. Knox is player of the game with 2 rushing touchdowns. Purdue gears up for bounce back season.

Rachel Says:

Purdue needs a win Sunday if they want anybody to show up to Ross-Ade next week, and I think they'll get it. Marshall has taken a step back from last season. We have an experienced core group that is desperate to win. I'm counting on the defense to make the necessary stops down the stretch...Purdue 31 Marshall 28

Juan Says:

Personally, I would love to see Purdue come out and win this game. I think I'd be a bit more optimistic if this was at home, but since it's on the road, it might not end well for Purdue. Expect a sluggish 1st half with a little comeback towards the end ti scare Marshall but nothing too serious.
Purdue 20, Marshall 31

Cryan26 Says:

So, it's here. The college football season starts and the rest of the year will be dominated by moments of despair and seconds of exhilaration. The cold will be coming. Pumpkin beer is already hitting shelves. We'll know more after five minutes of watching our first game than we've learned over the last five months. For the only time this year, ignorance is applauded and hope rings eternal. Purdue 20, Marshall 17 because after this game we might not have either.

Craig Says:

My prediction for this week vs Marshall is that Appleby comes out like a stud.  Plays a solid game and doesn't force any throws.  Our running game is the main focus.  I think we will have close to 200 yards rushing.  Purdue wins 38-31. OR

Our Appleby gets nervous and has such a bad 1st half that he gets replaced by halftime. Blough tries to make a comeback but its to much. Purdue loses 42-28.

Jumbo Heroes Says:

I honestly have no idea what to expect. At this point of the year if you listen to the coaches and inside sources every player got bigger, faster, and stronger in the offseason. The team always matures and is ready to take the proverbial next step, whatever that is. Purdue surely can't be worse than a one win season two years ago right? Can they be worse than the three win season from last year? I honestly hope this team is better. Purdue football has been hard to watch for a couple seasons now. This year has to be better right? Is just has to be. Marshall loses some key players from a good team but they are still projected to have one heck of a season. So, what wins out? Optimism for my beloved Boilermakers or the pessimism and cynicism of being a Purdue fan. I'm picking this with my heart and not my head but I think Purdue's defense surprises and the offense does just enough to win.

Purdue 28, Marshall 27