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Purdue vs. Bowling Green Pick 'Em

Hello darkness my old friend...

Running backs run the ball.
Running backs run the ball.
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

So it's been nearly a week since the Virginia Tech game and Purdue's, ahem, performance in that game. A majority of us went into that game with a certain amount of optimism. Even those of us who thought Purdue would lose thought they would hang tight throughout the game. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Where do each of our intrepid writers stand at this point? Is anyone picking Purdue? Read on intrepid readers!

T-Mill Says

Last week I was excited to see Purdue because I felt we were due to put it all together and win against a vulnerable team. Instead, it was a blowout. In said blowout I did not see anything that gave me confidence Purdue can even slow down Bowling Green. Yes, we get David Blough against an awful defense, but he is still a freshman getting his first significant game action. I don't trust John Shoop to push the running game, what is blatantly obvious, when it needs to be pushed. The Falcons are going to score. A lot. Purdue will score, but not enough. Bowling Green 59, Purdue 38

Juan Says

I've had this game circled as a bad loss for Purdue since the offseason, and I probably wasn't the only one. Given the last 3 weeks, I'm not going to change my position on this game. If Purdue somehow manages to win, please feel free to call me out and what not. While I do think Appleby needs to be benched after a bad start, especially his awful game against VaTech, I still don't think Blough is the answer. This team is flawed on both sides of the ball. Against Marshall and Virginia Tech, Purdue gave up an average of 434 yards, and that could have been more had Marshall's offense played an entire 60 minutes. Bowling Green is coming in averaging 609 yards of offense per game. You tell me which one is going to end up winning on Saturday.. Purdue will look a little rough in the 1st quarter as Blough settles in. BG will strike early and take a 2 TD lead into the half. We'll see some offense from Blough, but it won't be enough to even catch up to Bowling Green and they easily run away with the win. Purdue 17, Bowling Green 55

Casey Says

It seems we go back to this every year, right? NEW QUARTERBACK YAY ALL IS FIXED YAY WOOHOO. It doesn't last very long, hell, Appleby was that shiny new qb just last year. BUT. I do think Blough is better, and if not better, then definitely more exciting. I think his speed will add another dimension to an already good running game and that's where our offense will advance most. Our defense will remain the same. Bowling Green 42, Purdue 31

Rachel Says

As much as I think Blough will give the offense a lift, we just don't do enough things right to win games. Our defense couldn't slow down a subpar VT offense and will likely get manhandled Saturday by a much more efficient and explosive Bowling Green attack. Our offense will put up more points than last week, but BG will put up a lot more points than us. Purdue 31 Bowling Green 49

Jumbo Heroes Says

So last week was...disconcerting. Regardless of what Coach Hazell says it does seem like a bit of a panic move to change your QB after the third game. It's something Purdue has been doing for the last few years to little to no effect. The backup QB is always the most popular guy on the team and this year is no question. Austin Appleby hasn't been great, let's not kid ourselves, but is David Blough the answer? Will Shoop call a different game now to play to Blough's strengths? Everything I read about Blough labels him as a bit of a gunslinger. Keep in mind my only knowledge of him is reading about him and the limited amount of play I've seen, but it seems to me like he's a bit of a Robert Marve type player. For some of you that just turned you off to him but to me it seems like it could be a good move. Purdue needs someone who can make plays and isn't afraid to take a risk. Regardless of how Blough plays I don't think it will be enough for Purdue to come out on top.Purdue 28, Bowling Green 49

The Legend's (AKA Drew Schneider) late pick (copied from the comments).

It’s finally happened, I’m finally going to pick against Purdue….just kidding, Boilermakers 35 Bowling Green 27. Frankie Williams seals the win with a pick 6 and our running game dominates the day. Boiler Up you bunch of yellow bellied surrenders, are we Boilermakers or are we Frenchmen (other than our one Frenchman Boilermaker).

And here's everyone's record after last week:

T-Mill: 2-1
Andrew Holmes: 0-2
Casey: 2-1
Juan: 3-0
Rachel: 0-2
Craig: 1-2
Jumbo Heroes: 2-1

No pick last week:

Drew Schneider: 0-1
Rob St. Claire: 1-0