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Coach Hazell Presser- QB Change Edition

A lot came out in today's presser.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I might as well just state with the opening remarks where Hazell dropped the bomb about the change in starting QB.

You take a look back at last week's game. Absolutely disappointing third quarter for us. A lot of it stemmed from really special teams play. It was a 24-17 game going into the half. We gave a big kickoff return for 78 yards that led to three points, then two possessions later we punted the ball, they ran it back 30 yards and gave up seven points off that drive. The next time we had the punt block. It was 17 points in that third quarter that turned the game from 24-17 to 41-17. Obviously, against a good football team, you can't do that.

We are going to make a quarterback change. That's going to happen this week. I know that the guys will be ready to adjust to that. There's still a great energy within our football team right now. We lost two games, one to a very good opponent this past weekend. But we're excited to take the field again on Saturday against Bowling Green.

On why Appleby kept the ball so much against VT

I thought Virginia Tech did a good job last week of forcing the ball out of the tailback's hands.

We have to to make a concerted effort as a staff to make sure those two running backs get the football. They forced our hand last week a little bit taking the ball out of the running back's hand and making the quarterback keep it. We were only able to get two or three yards on the quarterback run. We have to do a good job of making sure those tailbacks carry the ball for us.

How does the defense stack up against Bowling Green who is number 1 in the nation passing?

They're an explosive offense, they really are. They have a very good quarterback. He's very accurate. Gets it out of his hands very fast. He's mobile enough to keep the play alive. They have some guys on the outside who have made a lot of plays in the first three weeks.

We're going to have to do something a little bit different defensively to make sure we take care of the pass. They want to push the ball deep and they want to run a lot of plays.

There was one game I was watching, I can't remember if it was Maryland or the Tennessee game, but at the end of the third quarter, they had already run 80 plays. I think they ended up with 115 plays at the end of that game.

Injury updates on Jimmy Herman and Markus Bailey

Yeah, got the injury report this morning. Jimmy Herman will be doubtful this week, hamstring. Markus Bailey's news came back. It was a confirmed ACL. He will have surgery and be done for the year.

Robert Gregory is fine. Michael Rouse has a bruised knee. He should be fine for Saturday's game.

More info on Blough

We'll evaluate it as it comes. That's not the way we're looking at it. We're going with David Blough as our quarterback so we can win football games.

Obviously he's the guy that we've always said he can create, keep the play extended, keeps his eyes down the field, can make the throws that we need him to make.

It's a close competition, as you know. But we went with Austin, and we needed to make the decision to go a different way right now.

One of the things I said to him, I said, You don't have to play outside yourself, just play within the scheme of the offense. Don't feel like you have to be this guy that makes all these different plays. Just play within the scheme of things and things will work out the way they should work out.

I don't want him to put that pressure on himself and we don't need to put it on him as well.

This is not a panic move. This is based on our base philosophy that we're not going to turn the ball over, period. We're not panicking inside our walls.

All that matters is what we see and how we respond to do the right thing. Perception on the inside is one thing. Perception on the outside is completely different.

To answer your question even further. I was walking over with a gentleman, one of our players, and he thought it was a great move for us. If that answers your question about perception.

Your weekly Danny Anthrop update

He's definitely going to play for us this week. He's better yesterday than he was last Monday. I think the thing about him, we've got to get him into the flow a little bit more.

Once again, it comes back to you're behind the stakes on first and second down. All of a sudden you have a third down conversion you have to make. You don't make the third down conversion. It's three plays and out. We have to make sure we're in front of the chains a little bit and create more opportunities for everybody.

Was there a mistake in the spring evaluation to make Appleby the starter?

No, I don't think we missed the mark at all in making Austin our starting quarterback. He took care of the ball through spring, through fall training camp. That's why we made that decision.

On Saturday's defense against VT

You're going to think I'm crazy when I say this, but when you watch the film, they played pretty good defense. They were put in a lot of bad positions, a lot of bad positions. At some point in time it's going to break down.

But you talk about the first half, it's a 10-0 football game. The offense gave the points to them, then they gave up a long drive. The drive right before the half hurt us pretty good. Other than that in the first half they played pretty good defense.