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Purdue vs. Virginia Tech - Who ya Got?

The Hokies pokie their way into Ross-Ade Stadium this weekend.

Who you picking?
Who you picking?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue vs. Virginia Tech is the marquee game taking the place of the Purdue vs. Notre Dame series that we would normally be seeing at this time of year. Unfortunately, ND has decided they are too good for one of the teams that helped to keep them afloat when no one else would play them. No worries though I don't want to hang out with those stuck up Domers anyway.

After defeating the powerhouse that is Indiana State last week Purdue looks to get back to an opponent that should be much more of a challenge. Aside from playing an actual name opponent Purdue also gets away from the 12:00 kickoff and will play at 3:30 on ESPNU. To recap the games thus far this year Purdue has played on Fox Sports 1, ESPNews, and now ESPNU. I suppose things are moving in the right direction here. It's supposed to be rainy in West Lafayette on Saturday which helps...someone surely. Be sure to stick around after the football game and head over to volleyball in Mackey Arena. Coach Shondell is the man. I can't say that enough. Keep your ticket and get into volleyball for just $2 to see them take on the Irish! Let's get to the predictions shall we?

T-Mill Says

We are due. That is all I can say. Those few Purdue fans that have been suffering for years and are still left are due for something good to happen, and that is today. I was in Ross-Ade Stadium way back in 1997 when Adrian Beasley picked up a fumble caused by Rosevelt Colvin and returned it for a touchdown that completely altered the tenure of Joe Tiller. Purdue is long overdue for a moment like that. Facing an offense that was already struggling and an inexperienced quarterback we get a "name" opponent in West Lafayette. It is the type of opponent that, for once, outsides can look at and say, "whoa! Purdue did THAT?" I don't know what happens against Bowling Green next week. In fact, I expect a blowout because LOLPURDUE, but for one Saturday again, we can feel great. Purdue 21, Virginia Tech 17

Andrew Holmes Says

80-65 Purdue, I think Buzz Williams might get this team turned around eventually, but not this year. They have no answer for A.J. Hammons inside and our defense is just too good....What? It is still football season? That's kinda disappointing, um...20-13 Purdue maybe?

Casey Bartley Says

A cold, soggy, rainy, dark day for Purdue sports is ahead of us. There's no unknown glimmer of hope like the Marshall game. We know what this team is, and what it's not is a powerhouse school capable of hosting other powerhouse schools and competing with them. Sure, Va Tech is down a qb, but I can't remember the last time a Purdue defense was able to cleanly get their hands on a fast quarterback, whether they were good or not. Hokies - 31 Boilers - 13

Juan Says

This is going to be one of those games where Purdue should fall down easily, but somehow they stay up and continue to make the game interesting. I expect a back and forth mostly defensive battle in the first 3 quarters, but then typical Purdue falls apart in the 4th quarter and Virginia Tech takes advantage. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if this happened Purdue 21, Virginia Tech 30

Rachel Van Gessel Says

I expect Appleby to struggle tomorrow. His saving grace though will be DJ Knox and Markell Jones. Solid play from the O-line and a score from the defense will supplement a lackluster Purdue passing game. The Hokies won't be able to get past their own offensive inadequacies and Purdue grinds out a win. Purdue 24 Virgina Tech 10

Craig Eubanks Says

I'll keep it simple.  I think we win this huge game for our program.  Our offense will not give up any points like in week 1.  Our running game will be to much for VT.  Purdue 24 VT 17

Jumbo Heroes Says

I just don't know about this game. If you would've asked me point blank to choose the outcome at the start of the season I would've said Virginia Tech without a second thought. Then I saw Purdue play with a semi-competent defense and a vastly improved offensive line. Then I saw Virginia Tech's quarterback go down and be replaced by a guy who has thrown a total of three (count 'em) three passes against division I defenses. That throws a bit of a wrench in what I'm going to choose here. Then I remember I also picked Purdue to beat Marshall and that didn't work out for me. I also remember that the new Virginia Tech QB is a mobile QB and we all saw the gains Indiana State was able to make against this Purdue defense last week on the ground with a mobile QB. Purdue's hope here is that QB performance allows Purdue to load up against the run and stop the run at all costs. Can Purdue do that though? They certainly looked good against the star running back from Marshall who by all accounts was due to run over Purdue for roughly 500 yards.

Is that enough though? Can Purdue prevent the Virginia Tech QB from running wild against them? Can they prevent him from gashing them on third down? These are the questions we need answered from this Purdue team. On the offensive side of the ball for the Boilermakers can they score points against a tough defense? So far Purdue hasn't exactly faced a murderer's row of defenses. I think Purdue will put up more of a fight than I originally thought but I still have to go with my gut and pick Virginia Tech here and hope I'm wrong. Purdue 17, Virginia Tech 28

Also, here's how the staff is doing in terms of picks since the Indiana State game:
T-Mill: 2-0
Casey: 1-1
Craig: 1-1
Juan: 2-0
Rob St. Claire: 1-0
Jumbo Heroes: 1-1

No pick last week:
Andrew Holmes: 0-1
Drew Schneider: 0-1
Rachel: 0-1