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Talking it Up! On the Coach Hazell Press Conference - Virginia Tech Edition

You wanna know what coach thought about last week? How about what he thinks about Virginia Tech? Click away!

Nice watch coach.
Nice watch coach.
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Purdue sits at 1-1 after a nice little victory over Indiana State. You always have to keep the opponent in mind when you look at a victory like that but it's certainly better than a loss. Coach had a lot to say this week, quite a bit of it delicious fluff that I omitted here, and some highlights are listed below.

Final analysis from Indiana State game

Well, after watching the film from last week's game against Indiana State, I thought our guys continued to play extremely hard. Jumps off the film as you study it, doing a lot of good things. Obviously there's a lot of things that we can correct; two turnovers and we had two blown coverages that led to touchdowns. The offense is doing a good job 95 percent of the time, but we have to make sure we clean up those other things. But very proud of how hard our guys are playing and the execution level at which they're playing at. We made some big plays when we had to make those, especially in the special teams game. But you can't leave points out on the field, and we did and we've got to make sure we clean that up going forward against Virginia Tech.

First impressions of Virginia Tech

Well, Virginia Tech is always, since Coach Beamer's been there in 1987 has always kind of lived on his defensive philosophy and his special teams philosophy. They haven't changed. They do a great job of pressuring you with the defense. They're going to play what we call a bear front, which means the center and the two guards are covered and they're going to put those ends on the outside and they're going to rush. They're always going to have one extra in the box, so we have to be able to handle those guys, that extra defender in the box from an offensive perspective.

From a defense perspective, they've got the new quarterback in there and he's doing a good job of making the throws. And anytime you've got a guy that can run the ball, you have to be aware of where he is at all times, so that's what we have to do on the defensive side.

On Purdue's tendency to give up passes to the tight ends and VT's penchant for throwing to the tight end

A lot of times the tight end gets lost. You know, he stays in and he's lost. Like last week, I believe it was, against Furman, they delayed releasing him and leaked him on the back side. So you have to have great eye discipline when you're playing the tight ends because a lot of times they're out of the protection late, they're checking, they're blocking assignments and they release late. So we have to do a great job when we're playing man-to-man coverage with their eye discipline.

On the challenge his running backs will face from a blocking perspective

We missed a couple last week but not by assignment. We got out-physicalled on the edge. E.J. missed a wide rusher one time and that was our one sack of the day. They're absolutely getting better, but they've got to be better at the physical part of the block.

They will be tested, they will be tested this game.

Purdue's defensive success on third down

Without giving too much away, I think our pass rush is a little bit better now. We've been playing a little bit different schematically in the back end coverage wise. We talked before about putting guys on islands. I think if you can keep guys off the islands, corners, that's going to help everybody. That's going to take a lot of stress off the defense.

On young Mr. Robinson's return

If we play 70 snaps, he's got to play half the snaps. Get a gauge probably a little bit better today and tomorrow as to where he is. The thing that I can say for the last -- since his suspension is four, five weeks, that he's created havoc for our offensive tackles and our backs. We had a difficult time blocking him.

He's met with those guys every single day and he's down there for the walk-through. He hears all those things, the terms, so I don't have any concern about him knowing his assignments. It's just that that game experience and getting out there and getting his feet a little bit wet will be the adjustment that he needs to make.

An update on David Hedelin?

Yes, it's just too early for Hedelin to know. We're going to give him a few reps today in some drills to see how strong his calf is, but we won't know probably until Thursday, Friday how far along he is.

On the field goal kicking, ahem, problems

Obviously we all need to see the consistency, that's what we need to see. He's good enough to do it. We've seen him do it every single day at practice. We need to see him be more consistent when we get those easy opportunity field goals. If you stretch him at 49 or 55, that's one thing, but you've got to hit those 30-yard field goals consistently.

I need to sit down with him probably and ask him, did you strike the ball incorrectly, because the snap and the hold were good on both of those that he missed on Saturday. I'll probably grab him today and figure out exactly where he is.

On that hotly debated, on the internet at least, fake punt

You might see something just like it. (Laughs.)

Purdue has had just nine penalties in two games

You look back, I was almost knocked out of my chair a few weeks ago when someone said we had 120 penalties last year. That's 10 a game, and 19 of them were in special teams. I guess I didn't realize that stat. Then I started thinking, man, that's a lot of penalties. So I'm pleased at where we are, five and four, I believe, or four and five, and one of them we took on purpose this last week to try to get ourself in a better punt situation. If we can continue this trend of not hurting ourselves, it helps in winning football games.

On the importance of a good home crowd, hint hint

People have no idea how much of an impact that has on our players when our crowd is out there like that. They did a phenomenal job last week. The student section was nice and loud and they were into the game and that helps our players. They feed off of that energy and we need that each and every week.