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Purdue vs. Indiana State Predictions

A train versus a tree? I'll take the train.

I just chose this picture because of the cool pellets.
I just chose this picture because of the cool pellets.
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This Saturday Purdue tries to recovers from the upsetting fourth quarter collapse against Marshall. Purdue returns home to Ross-Ade to take on the Sycamores of Indiana State. Let's take a look at the staff predictions shall we?

T-Mill Says

Purdue's home opener should the be delicious cupcake it is designed to be. Two seasons ago Purdue barely avoided a complete disaster when Ricardo Allen picked off Indiana State as they were driving for the game winning score. This was an Indiana State team that also went 1-11 with their lone win coming over a Division II team. That won't happen again. Purdue is bigger, stronger, and faster than an Indiana State that is much, much better than it was two years ago. Purdue is much better to. There is no excuse to not win this game, and by a comfortable margin. Purdue 41, Indiana State 17

Casey Bartley Says

Purdue looked good. I mean, they didn't look good, but they looked better. Good enough to bully an FCS opponent and that's a refreshing change from the last few years. We'll control the line of scrimmage on both sides, and we'll probably get a couple receivers loose deep. But mostly, we'll be bullies in the trenches. We'll miss another field goal. Purdue 31, IS 6.

Craig Eubanks Says

Our run game looked really good in week 1.  So why not continue to do what you are good at doing.  I am thinking Knox and Jones both get 20 carries and over 100 yards this game.  We will only throw the ball when they crowd the box.  Which will create 1 on 1 match ups on the outside.  Appleby can only look better after his 4ints in week 1.  Also, Blough will see his 1st action (yes, I think we win big). Purdue 42 Indiana State 14

Juan Says

Purdue will probably come out a bit slow in the first quarter, after all it is a quick turnaround from a Sunday mid-afternoon road game that ended very bitterly for Purdue. Wouldn't be surprised if ISU has a lead after 1 quarter, but Purdue should get the ball moving in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, building up a decent lead. 4th quarter issues will continue for this team, but it won't be enough to cause much of a scare, but it could cause some discussion about the future of this team. Purdue 35, Indiana State 20

Rob St. Claire Says

Considering this is the one "guaranteed" win on our schedule and a Big Ten team has no excuse ever to lose to an FCS team, I like Purdue’s chances in the home opener.  Let’s hope we see some things that give us some optimism for Va Tech. Purdue 35, Indiana State 13

Jumbo Heroes Says

This is a game Purdue could lose. They could lose this game in the same way that Natalie Portman or Jennifer Lawrence could show up at my door and want to marry me. Both things are theoretically possible but not very likely. I know Purdue nearly lost to Indiana State the last time these teams played but those were different teams. This Purdue team has an offensive line. This Purdue team has a pair of solid running backs. This Purdue team won't struggle at home against Indiana State. Purdue 42, ISU 21

Here's a look at the record of the staff after week one.

T-Mill: 1-0
Andrew Holmes: 0-1
Drew Schneider: 0-1
Rachel: 0-1
Juan: 1-0
Casey: 0-1
Craig: 0-1
Jumbo Heroes: 0-1
Rob St. Claire: No pick last week