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Purdue vs. Minnesota Predictions...Optimism?

Drinking that Kool-Aid y'all!

Star in the making?
Star in the making?
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As Purdue prepares to face Minnesota on Saturday it's possible the team is looking at a...uses Google...a conference that a thing? I'm being told by my editor that yes indeed a Purdue team can win a conference game. With that in mind let's take a look at the staff predictions.

T Mill Says

Minnesota has an awful offense and they barely got past a pair of MAC teams. Still, they have done what Purdue has been unable to do: win close games. The defense does not have a ton of stars, but is solid overall. The offense is another story. They have been unable to score in the first quarter, so if Purdue can take advantage they might be able to build and play with a lead. More importantly, Purdue needs a win and this is a golden opportunity. I think we finally get it done against an anemic offense. Purdue 21, Minnesota 17

Juan Says

It's time. This is the game where Purdue finally turned a corner and starts winning. "But wait, we say that every game and we still lose! I'm tired of being around the corner every damn game and failing every time!" I know, we've heard this "turning the corner" talk a lot from Hazell, but I do think this is the time to do it. Purdue had a great 2nd half against MSU last week, and though they fell short, momentum is still on their side if they take advantage of it and pound through a weakened Minnesota team. Lose this game, and there isn't a lot of hope for the season.

Oh right, I'm supposed to predict the score and not give my analysis. Well, I think Purdue jumps out to a double digit lead by the end of the 1st half. I'm not saying it will be pretty, but it'll be better than most games so far this season, and it'll look like Purdue will finally win. In typical Purdue fashion, however, Minnesota will claw back from the dead and be within a score toward the end of the 1st half. Purdue is able to stop Minnesota's offense from scoring on their last drive and pulls out the win. Purdue 30, Minnesota 27

Craig Says

Purdue wins. Nothing fancy just run the ball and do a little play action. Purdue 34, Minnesota 21

Andrew Holmes Says

Minnesota seems pretty bad and we're at home. Purdue 24, Minnesota 21

Rob St. Claire Says

Purdue wins because the one game I can't be at they'll surely win. Purdue 26, Minnesota 20

Drew Schneider Says

Jones run for 100+ and 2 TDs. Purdue 28, Minnesota 17

Jumbo Heroes Says

Minnesota basically has beaten no one this year. Okay, technically they've defeated Colorado State (in overtime), Kent State, and Ohio but you know what I mean. They won each of those three games by three points. I will give them credit for sticking with TCU at the start of the season but that resulted in a loss and was a month ago so I don't give it as much weight as the other games. Last week against Northwestern the Golden Gophers laid a Golden goose egg. They scored exactly 0 points. What I'm trying to tell you is the Gopher offense doesn't exactly inspire fear. Then there's this:

When you're team already isn't great losing eight, count 'em eight, starters isn't a great thing for you. This is going to help Purdue immensely. For a team that has struggled at times to get to the QB playing against an inexperienced OLine will be a huge boost. David Blough has certainly started out hot with his young career but going against a rash of backup DBs can't be a bad thing for the young QB. Purdue needs a win and they need it badly. I didn't expect a conference title this season but I did expect some wins. Purdue has to build off Michigan State and find a way to win this game. I think they finally do. Purdue 42, Minnesota 17

And records after last week:
T-Mill: 4-1
Andrew Holmes: 1-2
Juan: 5-0
Casey: 4-1
Rachel: 2-2
Craig: 2-2
Drew Schneider: 0-3
Jumbo Heroes: 4-1

No pick last week
Rob St. Claire: 1-0