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Purdue vs. Nebraska Predictions

Ahh yes, this old chestnut again.

Will Purdue play a wide open spread 'em out offense this week?
Will Purdue play a wide open spread 'em out offense this week?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We aren't a real optimistic bunch around here anymore. We were at one point. I promise. There were a lot of times that we threw on our old gold and black glasses and predicted a win that more than likely wasn't going to happen because gosh darnit we just believed it could happen. You won't find that around here much anymore. It's sad really. Let's take a look at the predictions shall we?

T-Mill Says

Purdue football is back, and this may be the first time we are outnumbered in our home stadium as the Red Horde from the West pours across campus like the Soviets into Stalingrad in early 1943. This is a game where the visiting fanbase will bump up the coffers and allow Morgan Burke to say we're doing a fine job with football. As for the game, we're screwed. Hazell, Shoop, and Hudson are still in charge, so I have zero confidence even with two weeks to "prepare". Nebraska 31, Purdue 14.

Juan Says

So, Nebraska doesn't have Armstrong. They are coming off a tough loss to Northwestern at home for their 5th loss of the season. Yet, I still don't have faith in Purdue. Can you blame me? They play their worst against teams they should have beaten or be competitive with (VaTech and Minnesota) but instead to decide to say "Eh, F*** it" in the 2nd half. Tomorrow will be the same for Purdue. I'll be at the game. Since it's Halloween, I guess I watch something scary and horrifying tomorrow, and that might as well be Purdue football. Nebraska 49, Purdue 6 (1 TD and a missed PAT)

Andrew Holmes Says

This one will be closer than the experts think! Nebraska by 3. What's that? I'm supposed to be an expert? Well then, I guess I better pick a wider margin. Nebraska 27-14.

Jumbo Heroes Says

This is by far one of my favorite ESPN commercials of all time. It's basically required of me to place this here. My buddies and I would quote this all the time. As Purdue prepares to take on Nebrask...Brasky Pants...Brasky Boy...I've got an oddly optimistic feeling about this game. I'm not going to be bold enough to pick Purdue to win, I've got a reputation to maintain here, but it wouldn't surprise me for Purdue to somehow pull this out. Maybe it's all the injuries to Nebraska, a similar scenario didn't help Purdue against Minnesota, or maybe it's just the fact that Hazell has vowed to play aggressive on offense for once, but whatever it is I just have a gut feeling we might all see something good on Saturday. I know it's irrational since Purdue can't seem to tackle, can't seem to run a competent offense for more than one drive, or even competently do anything from a coaching perspective but there's just something about this game. I think Purdue keeps it close and has a chance to win at the end. The only question is will they refrain from shooting themselves in the foot for a week? Nebraska 31, Purdue 28

Records after the Wisconsin Game
T-Mill: 5-2
Andrew Holmes: 2-3
Casey: 5-1
Rachel: 3-2
Juan: 6-1
Rob St. Claire: 2-1
Jumbo Heroes: 5-2

No pick last week
Craig: 2-3
Drew Schneider: 0-4

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