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Purdue vs. MSU The Sad Prediction Thread

You are sad, you are beaten down, you will get through this, come home, and put on your big underpants.

Purdue's savior?
Purdue's savior?
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not saying that there's no chance that Purdue wins this game...I'm not saying that at all. What I am saying is that reading these predictions might make you want to have a drink. In other words it's just a normal Purdue football Saturday. Read on for the picks and make your own in the comments.

T-MIll Says

Sure, Purdue has no business competing with the No. 2 team on its home field, but Michigan State rarely goes full Death Star and just annihilates someone. That, and we have played them close. I can see Purdue managing to hang around a bit, but the difference in talent (and coaching) here is too great. I have seen Shoop and Hudson make far too many baffling decisions on the season. Hudson’s complete lack of coverage in the final minute of the first half against bowling Green was a backbreaker, as was Shoop’s "run straight at where the most people are" playcalls on the previous series inside the five. Michigan State is just better, and they win as a result. Michigan State 38, Purdue 21

Andrew Holmes Says

I can see it now, both IU and Purdue upset the the best teams in the country and Notre Dame loses to Clemson. This starts a great shift of football power and the Hoosiers and Boilers rule the Big Ten for the next ten years and the Bucket game becomes more important than the Iron Bowl. Or maybe they both lose by 20 and everyone tries to forget this game ever happened. Yeah...Purdue 7-Michigan State 27.

Juan Says

I could just go on a depressing and over the top rant about this game and how Purdue will suck, blah blah blah, but since I'm going to be at the game tomorrow, I'll save it for the drive back home after the game. My poor Michigan friend who has never seen Purdue play will hear my wrath!

Anyways, Blough had a pretty good game for a first time starter last week, despite the loss. However, that came at the hands of a pretty bad defense. Though their DC is gone and coaching at Pitt now, MSU still has a good defense that obviously cannot be overlooked. I wouldn't be surprised if Purdue gets the opening touchdown, but fails to cross the 50 yard line until garbage time in the 4th quarter, where Griggs actually gets a field goal! Connor Cook and his gang should have no trouble with this Purdue defense. After all, in the 2013 game they were still trying to figure out their offense, and in 2014 they were just exhausted by the end. I doubt 2015 has hints of either game for Purdue...

Purdue 10, Michigan State 45

Casey Bartley Says

Oh, hello again. What's that, doom and despair? You never left? Good. I was starting to feel lonely. Nothing good is going to come from this game. I thought Blough was terrific last week but this is not Bowling Green's defense. He'll have moments I think but we'll struggle to move the ball on the ground and they're gonna send the house at him and dare our receivers to do something. They won't. Msu 31, Purdue 14. But I think our d will play solid and the game will be close going into the fourth. Then, well, you know.

Rachel Van Gessel Says

Purdue is not physical enough to compete with Michigan State. We don't have the same caliber of talent on our team and we haven't shown that we can make up for any sort of talent differential. Blough looked good last week, but it would be too much to expect him to perform as well against the Spartans. Our defense will likely continue to let opponents score at will. Purdue 7 Michigan State 42

Craig Eubanks Says

I have figured it out.  I have picked us to win each week.  We haven't lost because of bad play calling, missed tackles, stupid penalties, etc...  it's my fault.  So lets try this....Michigan State 35 Purdue 21

Drew Schneider Says

Purdue wins on a 40 yard Griggs FG as time expires because F&^% it I don't have any money on this game. Purdue 27, MSU 24

Jumbo Heroes Says

I don't think I need to tell any of you that Purdue is a bit outclassed in this game. Would it would be stereotypical of me to just leave this here and move on? 

Even if that is stereotypical and has been done to death I suppose it's the best I've got at this point. Do I think the #2 Michigan State Spartans will fall to the unranked and 1-3 Purdue Boilermakers? No, no I do not. I am interested to see who the mystery man in the backfield is and I'm also interested to see how David Blough does in his second game and his first away game. My hope is that we at least learn some things from this game and possibly some things Purdue can springboard into the next game. Purdue 17, Michigan State 42

And here are our staff records and results after the Bowling Green game.

T-Mill: 3-1
Juan: 4-0
Casey: 3-1
Rachel: 1-2
Jumbo Heroes: 3-1
Drew Schneider: 0-2

No pick last week:
Andrew Holmes: 0-2
Craig: 1-2
Rob St. Claire: 1-0