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Purdue Crushed by Minnesota 13-41

Is this rock bottom?

Highlight of the day.
Highlight of the day.
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Purdue is out of excuses. When you play a team with one of the worst offenses in the conference who also happen to be missing 8 starters (on both sides of the ball) you have absolutely no reason to lose. Yet, Purdue, uh, finds a way. This was a game that even Purdue should have had a chance to win. How did this even happen? Let's run down a quick list of everything that went wrong today shall we?

  • Purdue can't tackle.
  • Purdue can't stop the run despite knowing that Minnesota is going to run.
  • Purdue's offense can't get past midfield.
  • Purdue turns the ball over just for Ss and Gs.
  • Purdue's coaching staff continues to boggle my mind with clock management and timeout usage.

At this point I don't know how much further this team can fall. Short of grabbing a shovel and digging a well I'm not sure what Purdue can do short of AGAIN losing to IU. This Minnesota team hadn't scored more than than 27 in a football game thus far this season. Today, they scored 41. Absolutely pathetic.

This Purdue team is absolutely infuriating. I don't think Michigan State necessarily deserves the #2 ranking but they are certainly better than Minnesota and Purdue played them tough as nails in the second half. Purdue put up no fight today. Purdue got rolled over by a mid-level conference opponent and showed no life. I'm sure in the press conference after the game Coach Hazell will talk about how close this team is and how if a few things had gone differently Purdue would've been right in this game. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing the excuses. I'm tired of hearing how close Purdue is to really breaking through. At a certain point you've got to stop talking and start performing. Year three with a new coach should certainly be time for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, good to happen. Purdue has won just one conference game in three seasons under Hazell and I honestly don't see another win on the schedule at this point. Even IU is playing like a team on a mission at this point.

Purdue is directionless, leaderless, and without passion. I understand losing to a better team, that I can live with, but what I can't live with is showing no fight against a team that is basically playing second string. It's just so infuriating. I think it's safe to say this team has lost me. I don't see myself picking them to win another game this season. That includes breaking my own rule and picking IU against my beloved Boilermakers. Something has to change and change soon. Oh Purdue football, where have you gone?