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3 Days To Purdue Football: Carlos Carvajal and Leroy Clark

Both of today's players were once 4-star recruits, but only one has made an impact so far.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue does not get many 4-star recruits, and when they do, they mysteriously do not pan out. One such player is the first of today's featured players, while the other is a sophomore that is a potential starter.

Carlos Carvajal - So.

Hialeah, FL (Hialeah HS)

6'5", 233 pounds

Tight End

2014 Projection: May not play due to injury.

When it comes to Purdue, Carvajal is double cursed. He is suffering under the curse of the fours stars having only played in two games on special teams despite being on campus for two years as the only 4-star player in the 2012 recruiting class. He is also suffering the ACL curse, as he tore his ACL earlier this spring, putting his 2014 season in jeopardy.

He has a history with some players on the roster. He took a year at Milford Academy like Keith Byars II, and he was a high school teammate of Andy James Garcia at Hialeah High in South Florida. He also hails from the same home town of the infamous Mrs. T-Mill.

Leroy Clark - So.

Miami, FL (Archbishop Carroll HS)

5'10", 187 pounds

Defensive Back

2014 Projection: Contributor at Cornerback

Clark is a player that will provide needed, experienced depth at cornerback this coming season and may play a little at safety. As a true freshman last season he played in 11 games and even started twice. He ended up with 17 tackles, which is a modest amount for a reserve corner.

ESPN actually rated him as a 4-star recruit, making both of today's players rated as a 4-star by at least one service. He is another south Florida guy that followed so many others to Purdue, as Purdue has mined the area quite well in recent seasons.