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5 Days To Purdue Football: Austin Logan and Danny Etling

Two sophomores are both starters and very promising players for Purdue's future.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

While yesterday was a day for two freshmen coming out of their redshirt years, today is for two sophomores who have already established them as starters.

Austin Logan - So.

Tallahassee, FL (Florida HS)

6', 200 pounds


2014 Projection: Starter at safety

Last year Logan surprisingly played in 10 games as a true freshman. It wasn't bad for a beginning year. He had 14 tackles and an interception. The pick was one of three that Purdue had against Nebraska, which was probably the only highlight that came from that Nebraska game.

Logan was a highly rated safety coming from Tallahassee, so this year is a big year for him. He can solidify being a three-year starter and pretty special player in time.

Danny Etling - So.

Terre Haute, IN (South HS)

6'2", 218 pounds


2014 Projection: Starter at Quarterback

As the Cradle of Quarterbacks there is always a pressure to perform at Purdue when you're the starting quarterback. Everyone is always wondering who is Next in the cradle. Lately, it has been a cursed position, as Danny Hope turned it into an entire damn nursery and before that injuries laid waste to the position.

Purdue begins 2014 with a pretty promising player as the starter though. Etling took over in the Northern Illinois game last year and started the final seven games. While he has yet to get his first win as a starter, he threw for 1,690 yards and 10 scores against only seven picks. That's a solid debut for a true freshman that was playing in front of a shoddy offensive line. He was also sacked more than any other QB in the Big Ten.

Etling has the weapons to be quite successful this year. He has some decent running backs and receivers and if he gets the protection he could be able to pick teams apart. I am not saying he is the Next great Purdue quarterback, but numbers-wise he is off to a good start.