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Bye Week Blues: Gamethread #2

Purdue's not playing, so let's talk about what else is going on in the College Football world

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

This worked decently the last time we had a bye week, so let's try it again this week. Here are the Big Ten games this week, with a few of them possibly deciding who gets to play in Indy in December.

Temple at Penn State: Noon on ESPN2
Iowa at Illinois: Noon on BTN
#8 Ohio State at #25 Minnesota: Noon on ABC
#16 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin: 3:30pm on ABC
Northwestern at #18 Notre Dame:  3:30pm on NBC
That School in Bloomington vs Rutgers: 3:30pm on BTN
#12 Michigan State at Maryland: 8:00pm on BTN

And here's the rest of the Top 25:

#19 Clemson at #22 Georgia Tech: Noon on ESPN
Virginia Tech at #21 Duke: Noon on ESPNU
#4 TCU at Kansas: 3:00pm on FS1
#1 Mississippi State at #5 Alabama: 3:30pm on CBS
Washington at #14 Arizona: 3:30pm on FOX
#23 Utah at Stanford: 6:00pm on Pac-12 Network
#9 Auburn vs #15 Georgia: 7:15pm on ESPN
Missouri at #24 Texas A&M: 7:30pm on SEC Network
#3 Florida State at U of Miami: 8:00pm on ABC
#17 LSU at Arkansas: 8:00pm on ESPN2
#6 Arizona State at Oregon State: 10:45pm on ESPN