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Nebraska vs. Purdue-Do You Believe in Miracles Picks?

The H&R staff weighs in on Saturday's matchup

Eric Francis

T-Mill is out of town this weekend that means Jumbo Heroes is running the show! You know what that means? Well pretty much I'm just gonna post the prediction story. What did you think I was gonna do something crazy? Please. But hey not all is lost. Since I'm basically like the substitute teacher I am being disrespected as I've received no one but Travis's picks as of this writing...I am sad. Oh well. It's off to my opinion then!

Nebraska is a better team than Purdue. Let's not kid ourselves. They've beaten everyone they've faced with the exception of a pretty good Michigan State team. Plus, their offense is just fantastic. As stated earlier in the week on this very site Nebraska can run the football and run it well. They have the 7th ranked rushing attack in all of college football averaging 293 yards per game. On the ground. Only. That doesn't bode well for Purdue. Not at all. The Purdue defense has a couple of problems the major one being an inability to stop the run. Throw in a Heisman contender at running back and some of the finest big uglies you'll see in the conference and things aren't looking to rosy for our beloved Boilermakers.

On the offensive side of the ball I'm optimistic that Purdue will at least put up some points. The transformation in the offense with Austin Appleby under center really makes you scratch your head and think about what might've been had this guy started from the get go. Would Purdue have beaten Iowa and Central Michigan? There's a good possibility but it makes me sad to think about it so...moving on. I'm confident Purdue can score points but not confident they can keep up with Nebraska here.

The only hope Purdue has is that the team is stunned to be playing not at noon and explodes on both sides of the ball due to the extra rest. That could happen right? Right?

Purdue 17

Nebraska 45

(My record 5-3 missed CMU, Iowa, Minnesota)

T-Mill Says:

On paper this looks like it has major blowout potential. I have seen Purdue improve by leaps and bounds this year, especially since Austin Appleby took over. I have no doubt in my mind that the Boilers are 5-3 if he starts the season, as I think he beats Iowa and Central Michigan. Okay, the CMU game was just awful for everyone, but Appleby at least makes a difference against Iowa.

Unfortunately, the Nebraska defense is really, really good and I don't have any confidence in our defense. There are some pieces there, but they haven't put together a consistent outing yet. They are going to have to play at the same level they played at against Iowa (for three quarters, at least) just to have a chance.

Purdue is going to score some points, but I don't think it will be enough. This is a great offense that is really balanced and has only been contained by Michigan State. Unless the Cornhuskers completely screw up, they control this game. Nebraska 45, Purdue 28