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Purdue/IU Postgame Thread

The Bucket Stays Home. It's 4:45pm, and IU Still Sucks

Juan Crespo

At halftime, we all felt that this game was on its way to ending badly, or at least I did. I even texted T-Mill that we should just give IU the Bucket at halftime. And though Purdue tied, gained a 14 point lead, typical Purdue fashion led IU to tie the game at 35-35. But out of nowhere, the true IU we all know came out, and pretty soon Akeem Shavers was able to score 3 touchdowns in 6 minutes to put the game away, allowing Purdue to keep the Bucket and give the program its 6th win of the season.

I had the chance to go onto the field in the 3rd Quarter, and I also got video of Akeem Shavers' last touchdown to put the game away in the 4th Quarter.

There has also been interesting development after the game, like Sally Hope's comments towards the media. So what are your thoughts? Does Hope stay? What bowl game will Purdue go to? I've never had to set up a post game thread so I'm not sure how to end this, so I'll just steal my friend's (Bryce) closing statement and signature on H&R:

Boiler Up, Hammer Down, Hail Purdue, Makers All, I'll See You at High Noon, God Bless America.