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National Signing Day: Allen Daniels

A low to the ground defensive tackle will boost the trenches right away.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Name: Allen Daniels

Position: Defensive Tackle or Nose Tackle

Ranking: 2* by Rivals

After Malcolm Robinson decommitted from our Boilers we were left with 0 interior defensive lineman. That is why I consider Daniels one of the most important commits of this class.

At 6’1” 290 pounds Daniels looks exactly like what a DT should look like. Strong, low to the ground and wide. He will be able to take on blocks one on one easily. What we need him to do though? We need him to come in and dominate so that it takes two guys to block him. Freeing up Danny E and Bentley to roam.

With our lack of depth at the interior defensive line, don’t be surprised if he comes in and get a lot of playing time right away. He will get stronger over the summer. Staying right around that 300 pound mark will be key. On his tape, he fires out quick and stays lows, which makes for great defensive tackles. Most importantly, he is only rated a 2*, under the radar guy. But let there be no lying, his high school, Dacula High School in Georgia plays some very tough competition. He should be able to come in and help us almost immediately.

Top 3 in most important commitments in this class, easily. Welcome, Allen.