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National Signing Day: Jacob Abrams

An Indiana product is coming to his dream school.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Name: Jacob Abrams

Position: Defensive Back - Safety

Ranking: 2* by Rivals

In the future, I really think that Brohm will mainly recruit mid-west talent and in state talent. These past few months he has solely been trying to fix what the former head coach had messed up, that is why he is recruiting all over the nation.

Jacob Abrams was really an unknown commodity, but I really like him as a player. From the Indiana powerhouse, Carmel High School. Abrams played safety and has great size to play that spot. At 6’2” 190 pounds, he is ready to play in college. He was primarily being recruited by Ivy League schools. We are his dream school and that is okay.

Being recruited by Ivy League schools shows how bright he is and generally when you are smart off the field, you are smart on the field, you can never have enough of those guys.

His second largest offer was from Ball State, so expect a redshirt year for Abrams, especially with the depth we have in the secondary now with Jallow and Williams being brought in from JuCo.

Welcome to Purdue, Abrams!